POLITICALLY CORRECT OR INCORRECT?  THAT IS THE QUESTION!  But as Americans, our first amendment right affords us freedom of speech so I am exercising that right.  I urge you to do so also and email me with your show scuttlebutt.  Remember to ask yourself these three questions before you submit anything for me to post here….."Is it true?  Is it kind?  Is it necessary?"  If so, then let me know it!  We need a voice!

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OK, here it is!  This page is written by  Artists, Crafters and Vendors from their first hand experiences at the various shows.  Let me hear from you!  Email me with your adventures!  Did you like the show?  Was it all that it was supposed to be according to the promoters' literature?  In other words, did the application specify that all items must be handmade by the artist and did they adhere to that?  And, just how good were those donuts?

In this months'
HALL OF SHAME I'd like to extend a hand to all promoters who advertise the high quality of their jurying process and still allow the resell items……..lets hear it for those sunglasses and weathervanes!  That sure makes me want to high tail it back to that show!  How about you?

WEATHERVANE REPORT:  When last spotted they were at the Delray Affair in Florida over the weekend of April 20!  How many other shows were they in that same weekend?  Let me know where you see them too!  Maybe they are clones!  My God, what an extended family they must have!  The aliens have invaded!

HOW ABOUT THOSE KNOWLEDGABLE CUSTOMERS  who bring their dogs to the shows and let them pee on the corners of our tents and displays!  Way to go guys!  Another favorite is when they squeeze their noses  and say "Eww, that's expensive!", or "I could make that!" or, "Wow, what  great idea!  Can I take a picture?" 

So, in your  humble but qualified opinions, what exactly are YOUR definitions of  "art" and "craft"?   We all know what "no kits" and "no buy/sell" means…….or do we?   Ha, you might say I've gone over the deep end, but I'd just like the playing field to be a little more level!  And in the mean time I'll just feel better by venting!  So let me hear from you too!

Email: Cmich80220@aol.com

As a final thought, exactly who is the customer?  I know who mine are, and they are
ALWAYS right, but what about you and me?  Aren't WE the customer in relation to the show promoters?  Have you ever wondered why we pay to jury?  What do they do with that money?  Does it go towards the gourmet donuts and our fine accommodations at these shows?  Ha, what a concept! 

EMAIL ME!  Cmich80220@aol.com

And, keep on smiling!