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This little site has a few goals. The first goal is to show some of my work. The second goal is assist those with little or no programming experience determine how to provide an adequate project description and to learn a little bid about what is really involved with writing a solid well designed program. The third goal is to provide via these pages some things that may need looking at when asking for a program to be designed, prototyped, getting it to Alpha, then Beta then delivering the final product. 

My program's are sold the world over and have been subject matter for many a newspaper article including the NY Times as well as Time Warner's ON Magazine. In addition I have appeared on live cable/satellite channel Tech TV and have been mentioned in a couple of books.

My old life was in management with a five year stint as an electrician. Today I live with my family in the Idaho Panhandle. What I am looking for is some sub-contract work that will challenge me and broaden my experience base.

I offer complete Windows programming solutions. When you choose me to do your work you get a triple bonus. I do a quality job and I am a perfectionist. My management and leadership skills separate me from 80% of the US work force. For my whole working life, I have been paid to think and solve problems. I come from the old school, work hard and if there is time left in the week after working  hard, play hard. My weakest attribute is also my strongest, perfectionism. Perfectionism is a curse. Its very hard from me to say ok.. this is good enough. While striving for excellence, rarely is good ever good enough and I fight this curse with every program I write. I understand that in the software industry although never having worked for a software production company, management often times cares more about getting it done by a deadline then get it done right. I subscribe to the little saying that if you have time to do over again, you have time to get it right the first time.

I have a high level of experience with producing and supporting my own custom commercial programs. For those applications that require it, I'll provide a professional point formatted proposal. Although most of the work is flat rate, my proposal will break down the project into its finite categories and provide an estimated hourly picture along with phases and deliverable schedules.