Mission Date: Mid 1969? * Base of Op's: Possibly Stateside * Location: Over Laos...or maybe Memphis?
Aircraft: A-26 for Reconn * In-Flight Structural Defect: "CRACK IN WINDSCREEN" Due to a Crazy Ass Idea!
Photographer in Chase Plane: Unknown (Good Idea) * Ass in Observation Globe: Unknown (Even better idea!)
Camera Used: ASAHI (Ass-A-Hee) Now Pentax * Film: Kodachrome (Probably for vivid flesh tones)
Webmaster's Comment: "If there were ever a reason for KEEPING THE PORTA-POTTY IN THE REAR OF THE PLANE..."
Photo From: Hap Wyman and Eugene Rossel (Photo taken "way before digital tricks"...this is for real guys!!!)
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