Fake-plique tee shirt by AngelaS

First, print a pattern.  Using your favorite computer word processing program, blow your chosen letter in your chosen font up to the chosen size and print it out.  My letters weren't as fat as I wanted, so I trimmed them a bit generously.

I use HeatNBond which you can buy at the fabric store and a roll lasts a LONG time.  Cut out a big enough piece and following the package instructions, iron it on to the BACK of your fabric.

Then, peel off th ewhite paper and pin your pattern piece to the RIGHT side of the fabric.  Cut it out.


Here's what it looks like now:

Then, place it on the shirt where you want it and following the instructions, iron it on. 

Finally, put coordinating thread into your machine and sew around the edge of the shirt, on the printed fabric, NOT on the tee shirt with a straight stitch.  I do mine about 1/8 inch inside the edge of the fabric.  It might fray a little bit, but we have one I did early this spring that's been washed several times and is still holding on fine.  :D