Welcome to my little corner of the world

The image of the crone is one that is sadly misunderstood and under-appreciated in our society. Traditionally, the crone was the wise woman of the tribe. Today, a woman is considered to be in her crone years after the age of 55, or after she has experienced her last menstrual cycle. Ideally, the crone takes the learning and insight that she has gathered over the years and shares it with the rest of the tribe. Also, because she is no longer in her child-bearing years and does not have the same responsibilities for family that her younger sisters have, she has the time to cultivate and enjoy her creative desires. This site is my attempt to share the crone years that I am enjoying and the activities and pursuits that fill my days.

  Gourds - I have discovered gourds! They are a wonderful canvas for all types of artistic efforts. They are the perfect medium for a blending of several artistic techniques. This is a real blessing for someone like me who has a hard time limiting myself to just one thing. If you would like to see some of the work I have for sale, please visit my gourd gallery.

  Pine Needle Baskets - This is one of the crafts that I have found so fulfilling in my crone years. This time in my life gives me the time to explore this exciting medium and find real joy in watching a basket grow in my hands. Please visit my basket gallery to see some of my creations.


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