Updated: 31 December 2002 11:20 PM


The name Swindell is near and dear to my heart since it is my maiden name. My own Swindell line came from England to Virginia; moved to Hyde County, North Carolina; and a few generations later moved to Indiana.  The Swindell family as a whole has branched out over the years to many states, mostly in the south.

One of the best genealogy web sites I have come across has been Hyde County, North Carolina.  They have done an excellent job and are constantly adding to it.  Anyone doing research in this area should check them out.

My Swindell database exceeds 7,100 names at this point (and I've BARELY scratched the surface).  I have finally found a way to post a more limited report of my family, though it leaves out many cousins this way.  I have chosen to stop at John Swindell and Mary McPherson.  The reason is that this couple are the earliest progenitors of this family who are commonly agreed upon.  Beyond them there are such differing opinions, and because I have not had the chance to research this myself, I have chosen to not post any previous generations.

DISCLAIMER: The following report is very much a "work in progress."  As the reader will see, I have quite a few blanks to fill in, some guesswork exists, sources need to be cited and cleaned up, and there are multiple dates for certain events.  Though I feel I may be a bit premature in posting this report, I also hope that it will open me up to corrections from various family members and other researchers.  Please, PLEASE feel free to alert me to any additions or corrections you may have for me.


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