Updated: 18 March 2002 09:23 PM

Swindell Photos

There are so few photos of this branch of my family.  I was 30 before I even knew what my grandfather looked like!  The first photo below is simply a photocopy.  I do not know who owns the original photograph.

My grandfather, Floyd, with his older sister Lillian circa 1898

This photo is the only picture I own of my grandfather.  As soon as I saw it, I knew who he was.  He looks so much like my father and uncle.

William Floyd Swindell

This photo was sent to me by my cousin Sybil Swindell Sayre, the daughter of Herschell V. Swindell.  Evidently the two men were pretty good friends as well as cousins (first cousins, once removed).

Cousins Floyd Swindell and Herschell Swindell somewhere in Indiana

This photo was sent to me by cousin Bekki Rodgers who visited Hyde County in the Fall of 2001.  I'm looking forward to visiting Hyde County myself one day soon.

Swindell Fork located in Hyde Co., North Carolina