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The layout construction started after my son at the age of two received a  MTH R-T-R starter train set for Christmas from my In-laws in 2002 . This re-kindled my interest in model Railroading that had as a kid.  I had a couple of HO scale train sets as a kid and never really got into building a layout just carpet central.  I think due to the size of the trains I lost interest. After about two weeks of my son receiving his train, I started to build our layout for him  and  myself .

I started on my benchwork and had the quite a bit done and realized that my plans were not as well thought out as I thought.  When deciding to build the layout I had to restrict the width to approx. 30" wide in the middle of the layout, due to my furnace placement, plus I decided early on that I would only use one half of the basement , since I didn't want to lose my work shop area. So..... I have been trying to do as many levels as possible with hidden tracks etc. to have as much operating area to run the trains. I also  wanted to have at least one track that had a 72" radius which I have accomplished  and then some. My layout size is approx.  30' long x 9.5'w at one end and 7' wide at the other end which is still growing. So far I have managed to keep the minimum curve to 0-54.   The layout is currently command control with the MTH DCS system with plans to add TMCC ll in the future. I have over 550' of track and about 30 + switches on the layout which are also controlled by DCS. I recently changed the plenum on the furnace in order to allow me to add an additional passing siding on the lower level and still have a large enough isle way.  This has been quite the work in progress and hope to have most of  the track work done by  2007. I hope you enjoy visiting my website.

CSXAL and kids

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N&W Y6b & Shay layout clips video

Y6b Makin' Time video

UP Big Boy 4023

M.O.W. work



Train Room Spring 09'

                                                              Track Plan                                                               

                                                            Motive Power                                                            

                                                    Construction Begins - 2004                                                

                                                          September 2004                                                          

                                                               August 2005                                                               

January 2006

February 2006

May 2006

Expansion January 2008


Christmas Layouts

SherwinWilliams Paint Factory Flat

  Scratchbuilding a Frame House

Verderber Cabinetry & Millwork

 My House

Scrap Yard

Cargill Mill

Freight Shed

Kittinger Furniture

Consumers Beverage

75" Hydrocal Dbl. Arch Bridge


Union Station



MTH - TIU repair

Scale Coupler Installation

Adding Special Effects in Photoshop 


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Sample Structures for layout



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