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Connecting Scripture and Creation

OK - it is turning out to be more of a chore to get a new EarthWords website up and running.  I still hope to make it happen.  You can be added to the email list and get EarthWords weekly by contacting me at, and you can keep checking back to see if I manage to actually get a website going. 
Till then, thanks for stopping by -

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These are preliminary thoughts which I hope will just become part of the background as people read and study these lessons. Frankly, one of my target audiences is clergy who are preparing worship services.  Each week there is an EarthPrayer, and also a suggestion of "One Thing to Do" both of which hopefully reflect the themes in the scripture passages.

EarthWords are written by me - Charlie West.  I am a retired United Methodist pastor living in Marquette, Michigan, on the shore of Lake Superior.  I started writing and emailing them out in August of 2006.  This EarthWords website came into being in August of 2007. 

(Why does the URL address line say this is a "domain redirect" from to some free webspace I have at Earthlink.  You could click on either one - is just simpler to say!)

Creation flavored thoughts on the Lectionary texts