We had a great turnout for the 2002 Memorial Day Double Championship. We played 10 holes of best shot and 10 holes of alternating. There was a real spread of experience from world class players to a few players who had never played before. The weather was perfect and eveyone had a wonderful time. Big thanks to Tracy Price, our Activities Godess for her great assistance with publicity.

Just prior to the event, we did a complete refurbishing of the tees and poles which have lasted extremely well over the almost 10 years since they have been installed. Special thanks also to Dale Perez and the maintenance crew for their never-ending services that help keep the area in good shape.

Top finishers::

Randy and Kevin - 59 2002 Doubles Champions

Dale and Brian - 60

Rick and Dustin - 63

Glenn and Chad - 63

Rich and Ricky - 66

Gary and Melissa - 67

Tyler and Brian - 55 (winners of Stork offspring division)