Disc Golf at R-Ranch

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You may have visited R-Ranch many times without noticing one of our most interesting facilities. Since 1991, we have had a 10-hole disc golf course at the ranch. The facility was designed by Dan "Stork" Roddick #1899 and friends and was installed with the help of the ranch maintenance crew under the supervision of Bob Ballinger and Bob Still. The course is located on the hills just behind the tennis courts. The first tee is behind the playground area of the school, across the road from cabin 226. You may not have noticed the course because it is designed to blend into the surroundings. The tees are wooden frames on the ground and the holes are wooden posts with a number identifying each tee and target. Each hole offers both a regular and a pro-length tee.

Below is a map of the layout.


Disc golf is played much like conventional golf. Disc golfers throw from a tee box, negotiate fairway obstacles and finish by hitting the upper painted portion of the numbered pole on each hole. The score for a hole is the total number of throws taken to cover the distance from tee to pole. Each shot after the tee off is taken with the player's foot placed on the spot where the previous throw came to rest. Players can bring their own discs or borrow Frisbee discs from the Family Center. Course maps, scorecards and rules of play are also available.

The course provides challenging fun for ranchers of all ages, whether it's a family challenge match or a solo round at dusk. The annual doubles tournament is held on the Memorial Day weekend. The current record for the regular course is 9 under (21 throws) and the pro course record is 5 under (25 throws). We'd be happy to post verified records on this page for women players and various children's age divisions as well.

There are over 4000 permanent disc golf courses in North America and around the world. Most are longer and some are more challenging. However, very few of these courses have the charm and beauty of our course at R-Ranch.

If you have any questions about the course or about disc golf in general, please contact Dan "Stork" Roddick #1899 (Pasadena, CA)..

The downhill tee shot to #3 Teeing through the archway to #5
Putting for her birdie on #6 Resting on the rustic bench at tee #7

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