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My new web site is now up and running.  Still very raw and basic, but should be ever improving as time and events allow.

Two very basic pages are up and running.  Very, very short on content, but I'm working on getting a lot of stuff I previously had on the net back up here. 
Posted an update on the Naval War project
Added a note about my association with AGEOD
Decided to start a blog for the spur of the moment type stuff.  It's just too much of a pain in the ass to do it here.  The site will be for the longer expositions..
Added two new articles, one for comics, one for politics
Smallish update.  Added a link for 1.3 for Doomsday, and notice on a new gaming project.
Now 5 active pages, though still short on content.  Getting there slowly but surely...

I'm becoming far more political the older I get.  I've decided to give more active support to John McCain's Presidential bid this time around.  So please read why I support McCain.  If you decide to support Senator McCain, and wish to help, please visit: http://jraup.johnmccain.com/default.aspx

I'm now blogging!
Figures doesn't it?  Find it here:

Under construction
Added update on Naval War upgrade project
Added not on AGEOD
Added link to the blog site
Added new entry to Reinventing the Marvel Universe
Added new article on the comics page
Added new article on the politics page
Updated Gaming page with link and new project
New article on the Politics page
Created New page for Reinventing the Marvel Universe