Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Dalkey Archive Press and the Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

"Myself at age of about three and one-half -- wearing plaid -- carrying an umbrella -- it seems prophetic. My parents had already gone their separate ways."

Marguerite Young (right) with younger sister.

Marguerite Young (age 11 or 12) Indianapolis, IN.

Mrs. Wesenberg, Young's poetry teacher at Butler University.

Marguerite Young (age 35).

Marguerite Young (age 38) at the Yaddo artists' colony, Saratoga Springs, NY, 1946.

Marguerite Young with fellow writers at the Yaddo artists' colony, 1946.

Marguerite Young and Truman Capote descending staircase at Yaddo, Summer 1946.

Marguerite Young (age 40).

Marguerite Young upon publication of Angel in the Forest. Photo taken by Jacqueline Bouvier (Kennedy) for Mademoiselle Magazine (1945).

Marguerite Young while teaching at the University of Iowa's Writer's Workshop, 1954-57.

Marguerite Young at the University of Iowa.

Marguerite Young (age 56) upon finishing Miss MacIntosh My Darling.

Booksigning party at Gotham Book Mart, Greenwich Village. Present are Young's half-brother, Dr. James Young, half-sister Patricia Young, and niece Suzanne Lyon (fall, 1965).

Marguerite Young (c. 1960's).

Marguerite Young (c. 1970's).

Coffee at Pennyfeather's (c. 1970's).

Marguerite Young's apartment in Greenwich Village (c. 1980's).
"A dying lady when in her apartment--but she did not die, she lived." M.V.Y.
"In my apartment--it is to be reconstructed. Love, Love--The spirit of Love Eternal is mine and is that also of Debs'." M.V.Y.

Marguerite Young (c. 1980's).