Beached whales!

And so it begins...Fat Camp.

I'm not gonna make any goddamned excuses for taking so long to put up this page, or any other Fat Camp pages. OK, I'll make one excuse. I'm really, really lazy.

On July something-or-other, the truest Fatties went on their first or four Fat Camp excursions, to the beach at Santa Cruz. For the first half of the day, we sat like lumps in the sand. Maybe a couple people stood up and ventured into the water. But mostly it involved sitting on our asses and eating. Just as Fat Camp should.

And now for the truly embarrassing part. The Fatties actually worked up a sweat, and I don't mean by eating an entire 12-pack of Ding Dongs in under five minutes (although wouldn't that be wonderful?). We exercised. Some of us, anyway. I think the game technically is called Smash Volley, but it should be called Hit the Birdie While Standing in the Hot Sand and Swearing a Lot.

Everyone got really angry. But maybe they were just getting out barely concealed anger at Fatty and Liana for bringing only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which apparently only one in three Fatties actually like.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fatties in action. Humiliation is wonderful yes?

And thus ends Fat Camp Part 1. Expect Part 2 in, oh, eight years?

Just for good measure, here are more beach fotos. From the same trip? No. Fatties? Absolutely.

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