Eggs are Fat and round!

Easter was a long, long time ago. So long ago that I don't even remember if it ever happened. But it's Easter, so it had to have happened, right? I mean, Easter can't just *not* happen. It's like a date _ Nov. 8 can't not happen, and same goes for Easter.

Anyway, none of this matters. I know Easter happened because I've got the pictures to prove it. OK, so not really, but I've got pictures from a few days before Easter to prove that we were at least aware of this holiday.

Am I the only one totally confused right now?

Every Easter, the Fatties, or at least this Fatty, dye eggs. It's a lovely little tradition, but somebody always ends up getting hurt. Egg shells in the eyes, spoon-bashings, swallowed dye and/or vinegar, frantic calls to the Poison Control Center _ I don't even know why we put ourselves through this every year. It's awful. Downright traumatic.

But look how pretty and happy everyone is while they're dyeing (and dying!).

Actually, everyone looks happy (or incredibly upset, I can't tell which) except for Chris. He looks ecstatic.

And Henry. Henry hates me for this picture. But I love him, and so does the papasan!

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