Henry & Laura are Fat forever and ever!

On July 5 (yes, the July 5 of last year, more than eight months ago _ leave me alone! I'm a very busy Fatty!), I had the distinct honor of witnessing the first (and, in my not-so-humble opinion, most beautiful) wedding of Henry and Laura, two of my very favorite people.

(By the way, the picture at your left is the very last photo of Henry and Laura unmarried. Just thought I should note that.)

It was a Friday afternoon, warm and clear, the perfect day to take off early from work to meet up with good friends in a conference room near Berkeley's Hall of Justice. Henry and Laura were cute, as always, and almost unnaturally peaceful. They were content and not at all jittery, considering what they were about to do. I, on the other hand, was nervous. What if I had to say something? At the very least I'd have to sign something, and I have like the world's worst signature.

But anyway, this isn't about me. It's about Henry and Laura.

Henry was on his cell phone while we waited for the man who would marry them. Henry, ever the reporter, was checking in with work. Laura and I talked about something I can't remember. She was beautiful. Did I already say that? Laura adjusted his tie. He smiled a lot. I've never seen Henry so happy (well, not until their "real" wedding, a few weeks later).

When the Marrying Man (what do we call them? Justices of the Peace? Is that even right? I think I'll stick with Marrying Man) arrived, we all went to the conference room and sat around the table while the betrothed ones signed papers.

It was a most innocuous spot for a wedding. Anti-drug posters hung on the walls (was it a place for Narcotics Anonymous meetings? Parole hearings?). A candy machine was in one corner. The light filtered in through mini-blinds. But it didn't matter one bit. Henry and Laura held hands the whole time.

The ceremony was wonderful. It was short and perfectly sweet. The Marrying Man said precisely what you'd expect but in a voice that convinced me he was sincere. He beamed at the couple. Henry and Laura did not waver at all in their vows.

I cried. Laura cried. I think Henry cried. Maybe even the Marrying Man cried a bit.

I have some photos from the "real" wedding, but I prefer to post these ones instead (mostly because my flash wasn't working so well at the "real" wedding, but let's just forget about that). The first wedding of Henry and Laura will always be one of my favorite memories. To stand in that simple room, so close to these two people I love as they committed their lives to each other, was incredible.

I'm just sorry it took so long for me to say it.

Congratulations, Henry and Laura.

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