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Will Hahn
5317 NC Hwy 22 North
Franklinville, NC 27248-8268

My current dogs are registered with the second oldest pedigree service in the  United States and that is:


THE UNITED KENNEL CLUB of Kalamazoo, MI.  The change from AKC is because of a disagreement with AKC focus on appearances.



     Breeder of the AKC 2006
# 1 Parson Russell Terrier
      All Breed Standings
BOB Parson Eukanuba  

       CH Eastlake Hamish at Avonlea

    Breeder of the AKC 2004
    Westminster KC
    BOB Parson Russell
     CH Eastlake Star


       My Older AKC Breeding stock is health tested for the last 15 years: 

     Hearing (Baer), eyes (Cerf) and patella eventually earning a   Canine Health Information Center
designated number for entrance into the data base of Parson Russells.

       My dogs have performed in Agility,
  Eastlake Redding OA, AXJ, AD, AJ, FDX, CGC
CH Howlbeck UNO-Who X Eastlake Tanner)


           In the past I have been active in the Kentucky hunt field where the Parsons and I have pursued
          groundhog, raccoon and possum. We have earned Natural Hunting Certificates in the JRTCA.
The Parson Russell  
          Terrier of today
"SHOULD"  maintain a small "COMPRESSIBLE" chest with body flexibility necessary to
          perform the task of entering the earth, twisting and turning therein and finally bolting the quarry.

           Left Pic: Pam Simmons (frt), Me, Cheryl Robson (back) in KY
           Right Pic: Crossewinds Trask (
in hole) hunting with Aurora. Rubel

Below are pictures of me over the years with Parson Russells, oh, and an Australian Cattle Dog.