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by Evelyn Haertig
with photography by Milton Haertig
  • BOOK SPECIFICATIONS: 304 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", Art quality paper throughout, hardbound. Shrink wrapped. Over 850 illustrations and photographs, 368 in full color.
  • Antique Combs and Purses was first published in 1983 after discovering there was virtually no scholarly material on either topic, nor had any book been devoted entirely to purses for over 60 years. This is the first volume which attempts to cover the origin and development of combs and purses for the antique dealer, collector, historian, designer, museum, and the reader who wishes to learn more about these useful and decorative articles of apparel.

    Detailed coverage of the history, styles, patterns, repair and maintenance techniques, display methods, rarities, materials and artisans of both antique combs and purses. Seven years of research went into this book. This is not a price guide, but a fine reference book. Prices included are outdated, but the textual material is still very relevant.

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See sample page 28
Comb Manufacture

See sample page 152
History of the Purse

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Table of Contents
 Section I


 Chapter 1

Antiquity in Combs

 Chapter 2

 Comb Manufacture in the United States

 Chapter 3

 Types and Styles of Popular Combs

 Chapter 4

 Hair Ornaments of All Kinds

 Chapter 5

 Color, Decoration and Artistic Genius

 Chapter 6

Care and Repair of Combs

 Section II


Chapter 1

History of the Purse

Chapter 2

Types of Purses

Chapter 3

The Beaded Purse

Chapter 4

The Chatelaine Purse

Chapter 5

The Miniature Purse

Chapter 6

Rare and Unusual Purses

Chapter 7

Care and Repair of Purses

Chapter 8

Collecting the Antique Purse

Chapter 9

A Portfolio of Antique Purses

 Section III


Appendix I

Antique Comb Value Guide

Appendix II

Antique Purse Value Guide

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