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note card photos

Blank note cards featuring beautiful
color and black/white photograhs by
Milton Haertig
from the
Haertig Collections
of purses, combs, cutglass, jewelry, and other antiques.

Cards are hand assembled by
daughter, Rhett,
using beautiful papers.
$3 each or
packages of 6 note cards with
a pretty ribbon are
Order via email.

Now on
and eBay !

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Welcome to the website for Evelyn Haertig'sbooks.Evelyn was our mother and we are very proud of her accomplishments. Her speciality was antique purses and combs. She devoted over 30 years to researching their origins, history, preservation, restoration and collecting. Her studies culminated in the publication of three exquisite books which are described and offered for sale on this website.

Our father, Milt, working in close collaboration with her, did most of the photography for the books. He spent countless hours in the darkroom photographing the examples they had collected for the books.

With her books, studies and presentations, Evelyn greatly advanced the importance, appreciation and ART of the antique purse. Her books continue to be used by virtually every major museum research center world wide.

In January 2002 our beloved father passed away
in March of 2007 our beloved mother passed away.
This website is dedicated to their memory.
With love, their daughters,
Rhett Regina and

If you are restoring antique beaded purses,
we have many purse frames and purses in need of restoration.

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