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More Beautiful Purses
by Evelyn Haertig
with photography by Milton Haertig

Book Specifications: 576 pages, 8.5 "x 11" , 574 full color photographs, 341 black/white photographs, hard cover, smythe sewn, five color glossy jacket, shrink wrapped

When Antique Combs and Purses was released it quickly became apparent that a second volume was necessary to deal in depth with antique purses. During the next 7 years, thousands of photographs were taken, years spent on research, a small fortune invested in frame and purse examples, and hundreds of purses restored in order to write this book.

This fine quality, comprehensive reference book has set the standard for purse collecting and can be found in the libraries of most great museums and collector's personal libraries. This book is invaluable to collectors, libraries, and antique dealers who wish to understand their collection. The price of this book is less than the expense of one good purse.


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Table of Contents
 Chapter 1

 History and Development of the Purse

 Chapter 2

Needle worked Purses: Some Embroidery Definitions

 Chapter 3

Fabric Purses

 Chapter 4

The Enduring Leathers

 Chapter 5

The Beaded Purse

 Chapter 6

The Development of the Metal Mesh Purse

 Chapter 7

 Celebrity Purses: Great Purses from Historical Figures

 Chapter 8





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March 2015