Don Falcone

Don Falcone
"An Isolated Craft" on Where Stalks The Sandman, Noh Poetry, 2001.

Spirits Burning
Full-length CDs:
An Alien Heat, Gonzo Multimedia, 2018. (Released as Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock)
The Roadmap In Your Head, Gonzo Multimedia, 2016. (Released as Spirits Burning & Clearlight)
Starhawk, Gonzo Multimedia, 2015.
No One Cries In Space, Gonzo Multimedia, 2015.
Make Believe It Real, Gonzo Multimedia, 2014. (Released as Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart)
Healthy Music In Large Doses, Gonzo Multimedia, 2013. (Released as Spirits Burning & Clearlight)
Behold The Action Man, Gonzo Multimedia, 2011.
Crazy Fluid, Voiceprint, 2010.
Bloodlines, Voiceprint, 2009. (Released as Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart)
Golden Age Orchestra, Voiceprint, 2009. (Released as Spirits Burning & Thom The World Poet)
Our Best Trips: 1998 to 2008, Voiceprint, 2009.
Alien Injection, Black Widow, 2008.
Earth Born, Voiceprint, 2008. (Released as Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart)
Found in Nature, Mellow Records, 2006.
Reflections In A Radio Shower, Gazul, 2001.
New Worlds By Design, Gazul, 1999.

Full-length 12-inch Vinyl:
Alien Injection, Black Widow, 2008.

Full-length 7-inch Vinyl:
The Roadmap In Your Heart, Gonzo Multimedia, 2017. (Released as Spirits Burning & Daevid Allen)

Tracks on other CDs:
"Tripping With The Royal Family" and "Old Friends With New Faces" on Angels & Demons At Play Book/CD, Stairway Press 2018.
"SF" on POST:SOC//POST:SCRIPT, Submarine Broadcasting Co., 2017.
"The Wristband Era" on One String Inspiration - Syria Relief, One String Inspiration, 2017.
"Demonkind" on ALDLife: Make A Noise, ALDLife, 2014.
"A Tower Struck Down" on Steve Hackett Tribute: Steppes Beyond The Colossus, Mellow, 2014.
"Iceflow" on Allies & Clansmen: The Next Descendant, Maggot Records, 2012.
"South Side Of The Sky" on Tales From The Edge, A Tribute to the Music of Yes, Mellow, 2012.
"Make Believe It Real" on Hawklords Friends & Relations, 30th Anniversary Volume: A New Beginning, Flicknife Records, 2011.
"Internal Detective" on Prognosis 18 by Classic Rock Prog Magazine CD, Future Records, 2011.
"Stand and Deliver" on Allies & Clansmen, Maggot Records, 2011.
"Always" (Spirit Free) on Portents by Omenopus, Maggot Records, 2010.
"Alien Injection," "Augustus," and "One Way Trip" on Bad Acid Tab 9 (DVD Audio Magazine), Bad Acid Magazine, 2010.
"Soul Sacrifice" on Guitars Dancing In The Light, A Tribute to Santana, Mellow, 2010.
"Ace of Spades" on Sheep Wolves' Clothing - The Best Motorhead Tribute CD Ever!, Motorheadbangers, 2008.
"The Story In Your Eyes" on Higher and Higher, A Tribute to The Moody Blues, Mellow, 2006.
"High Rise" on Daze of the Underground, A Tribute to Hawkwind, Godreah, 2003.
"2nd Degree Soul Sparks" on Love from the Planet Gong, GAS, 2002.
"By Design" on Gazuline Faite le ple in de Gazul pour pas cher, Gazul, 2002.
"Clear Audient V2.5" on The Bay Prog CD, 2002.
"Return Of The Giant Hogweed" on Progressive Rock Classics, St. Clair, 2001.
"Return Of The Giant Hogweed" on The Fox Lies Down, a Genesis Tribute CD, Purple Pyramid, 1998.
"Red" on Schizoid Dimension: A Tribute to King Crimson, Purple Pyramid, 1997.

Tracks on 12-inch Vinyl:
"High Rise" on Daze of the Underground, A Tribute to Hawkwind, Black Widow, 2004.

Tracks on CD-Rs:
"Wilder Beams of Moon" on Psytrax 2, Dead Earnest, 2006.

Alien Heat
Tracks on other CDs:
"Click Launch, Launch Click" on Free Speech For Sale, Free Speech For Sale, 2003.
"Illegal Space Kids" on Extracted Celluloid, Seeland Records/illegal art, 1999.
"Shootout at Best Western" on Extracted Celluloid, Seeland Records/illegal art, 1999.

daevid allen and don falcone
Full-length CDs:
Glissandro Grooves (SFO Soundtribe 3), Bananamoon Obscura No. 12, Voiceprint, September, 2006.

Daevid Allen Weird Quartet
Full-length CDs:
Elevenses, Purple Pyramid, 2015.
Tracks on other CDs:
"Kick That Habit Man" on Angels & Demons At Play Book/CD, Stairway Press 2018.

Full-length CDs:
Far Corners, Noh Poetry, March, 2012.

Chumley Warner Bros
Tracks on other CDs:
"Fingers Ten" on Allies & Clansmen, Monty Maggot Records, 2011.

Full-length CDs:
Impressionist Symphony, Gonzo Multimedia, 2014.

Falcone & Palmer
Full-length CDs:
Gothic Ships, Noh Poetry, 2006.

Full-length CDs:
Sunrise to Sunset, Noh Poetry, 2004.

Tracks on CD-Rs:
"Sudden Mist" on Inkeys #17, 2003.

Full-length CDs:
tone, Noh Poetry, 2011.
one, Noh Poetry, 2008.

Tracks on other CDs:
"Ethno Earth" on Musica desde el abismo/Music from the Edge- vol 04, Margen, 2001.

Heavenly Music Corporation
Full-length CDs:
In a Garden of Eden, Silent, 1993.

Karda Estra
Full-length CDs:
Weird Tales, Cyclops Records, 2009.

Tracks on other CDs:
"The Sky Below" on New Worlds, Cyclops Records, 2011.

Melting Euphoria
Full-length CDs:
From The Madness We Began, Gonzo Multimedia, 2013.
Through The Strands Of Time, Stratospheric, 1994.

Full-length DVD:
Twenty Year Trip, Ambient Live Records, 2012.

Full-length CDs:
1967 1/2, Ambient Live Records, 2008.
Dr Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band, Ambient Live Records, 2007.

Quiet Celebration*
Full-length CDs:
Sequel, Mellow Records, 2007.
Quiet Celebration, Gazul Records and Noh Poetry, 2000.

Tracks on other CDs:
"El Morocco" on Guitars Dancing In The Light, A Tribute to Santana, Mellow, 2010.

Spaceship Eyes*
Full-length CDs:
Of Cosmic Repercussions, Hypnotic, 2000.
Truth In The Eyes Of A Spaceship, Hypnotic, 1998.
(Rereleased in Classic Drum 'N' Bass [Box Set], Big Eye, 2001.)
Kamarupa, Noh Poetry, 1997.

12-inch Vinyl:
"Cheebahcabra" (Freaky Chakra Remix)/"Dreaming Without The Right Side" (Jung Mix), Hypnotic, 1998.

"Mind The Alien" on Better Living Through Circuitry, Moonshine, 2000.

Tracks on other CDs:
"Dreaming Without The Right Side" on Trancespotting III, Hypnotic, 2000.
(Compilation rereleased in Complete Transpotting [Box Set], Hypnotic, 2003.)
"Cheebahcabra" (Freaky Chakra Remix), In To The Mix II, Hypnotic, 1998.
"Deadliner" on Gary Numan: The Mix, Cleopatra, 1998.
"Dr. Panacea" (Art & Kidney Mix) on Earth Ritual, Hypnotic, 1997.
(Compilation rereleased in Drum 'N' Bass Masters [Box Set], Hypnotic, 1999.)
"Le Freak" on Saturday Night Fetish, Hypnotic, 1997.
(Compilation rereleased in Saturday Night House Music [Box Set], Hypnotic, 1999.)
"Liquid Sky" (Delicious Indian Mix) on Sci-Fi Cafe, Vol. 1, Hypnotic, 1997
(Compilation rereleased as Electronica Sci-Fi, Alpha Wave, 1998.)
"Mind The Alien" on Ultimate Drum 'N' Bass, Hypnotic, 1997.
"Deranged" (Wild Spice Mix) on Kraftwelt: Deranged In Space, Hypnotic, 1996.
"Sea of Steps" on Ambient Time Travelers, Hypnotic, 1996.

Spice Barons (also recorded as Astralfish, Hydrosphere, Patternclear, Satellite IV)
Full-length CDs:
Future Perfect State, Silent, 1995.
Unidentified Floating Ambience, Silent, 1994.

Tracks on other CDs:
"Pyramid" on From Here To Tranquility Volume 6: The Renaissance, Silent, 2016.
"Vapor" (Spaceship Eyes Vs. Spice Barons) on Spaceship Eyes 'Of Cosmic Repercussions', Hypnotic, 2000.
"VRML" on From Here To Tranquility 5: The Silent Channel, Silent, 1996.
"Cogito ECCO Aum" on John Lilly's E.C.C.O., Silent, 1994.
"Spice Of God" on Mark Riva's Metagrooves: The Silent Mix, Silent Records and FAD, 1994.
"Tundra" (Patternclear) on From Here To Tranquility 2, Silent, 1993.
"Spice Of God" on From Here To Tranquility 1, Silent, 1993.
"In A Sugarcube" (Satellite IV) on Fifty Years Of Sunshine, Silent, 1993.

Full-length CDs:
Solaristics, Noh Poetry Records, 2005.
Soulcraft, Silent, 1993.

Tracks on other CDs:
"E-Space" on From Here To Tranquility 5: The Silent Channel, Silent, 1996.
"Serious Ancient Rhythm" on 110 Below Vol. 3: No Sleeve Notes Required, Beechwood, 1995.
"Be Here Now" on En-Trance Volume 2, En-Trance, 1994.

Full-length CDs:
Trap, Beyond The Status Quo, Gazul, 1997.

Weird Biscuit Teatime
Full-length CDs:
DJDDAY, Voiceprint, 2005.

Additional Credits:
Full-length CDs:
Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions, Noh Poetry Records, 2008.
Includes Moorcock interview by Don Falcone, who is also credited as Executive Producer.

Tracks on 12-inch Vinyl:
ST 37 covered Don Falcone's "Future Memories" on ST 37 and then what, Noiseville Records, 2006



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