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photo by Elliott Landy

The DYLAN HOUR, featuring the music of and related works by and about American singer-songwriter, author, musician and poet, Bob Dylan, broadcasts live every Sunday from the KCSN studios at California State University Northridge.

Produced, programmed and hosted by yours truly, The DYLAN HOUR is theme-based, and features gems from Bob Dylan's five illustrious decades of recording, including an ever-changing mix of greatest hits, classic album cuts and rare bootleg recordings.

The DYLAN HOUR airs every Sunday from 11am - noon, Pacific at 88.5 FM &
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Directly following The DYLAN HOUR every Sunday is MASTERS OF SONG, a program that explores and celebrates the work of the most influential music makers from the last century or so, featuring composers, lyricists, songwriters, singer-songwriters and song stylists.

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MASTERS OF SONG airs on KCSN every Sunday from noon - 1pm, Pacific at 88.5 FM &

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