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Chomsky on Why You Need Alternative Media.


More of Today's Stories:

The Guardian in England gives you much more. Sad, isn't it?

The BBC makes our PBS look like propaganda.

Reuters gives more balanced reporting on top stories.

The Christian Science Monitor is the best news the US can offer.

Democracy Now proves there is hope for radio and TV.

Aljazeera is the website the US has tried to shut down.

Electronic Iraq offers news from occupied Iraq.

Aljazeerah offers news from the Arab World.

VHeadline gives news of Venezuela, another country under attack by the US.

Radio Habana Cuba has its own interesting slant.


Progressive Reporting and Analysis:

Common Dreams: News & views of interest to progressives.

Znet: Unafraid to talk about imperialism; highly recommended!

Left Hook: Radical youth website that makes great reading.

In These Times: A full range of progressive reporting.

The Progressive: Interviews and investigative reporting.

War Times: Articles about Bush's wars for oil and empire.

National Security Archives: History you didn't learn in school.

Multinational Monitor: Exposing big corporations and their dirty dealings.

Robert McChesney: Problems with our media in historical and political perspective.

FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting): Progressive look at the media.

Independent Media Center: Movement news you don't see on TV.

ANSWER: Organizing against the war.

Swans: No holds barred political commentary.

Counter Punch: Edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

NOW: Excellent reporting of all the issues.

Black Commentator: Analysis and investigations on issues affecting African Americans.

The Nation: For progressives who play it safe.


Local Progressive Groups:

Concerned People: Full page antiwar ads in local Dutchess newspapers, and much more.

Hudson Valley Activist Network: Linking the progressive community.

Cubbyhole Coffeehouse: Artistic and political expression in a laid back atmosphere.

Philipstown for Democracy: An activist group in Putnam Co.

Mid Hudson Progressive Alliance: An activist group located in Beacon.

Dutchess Peace Coalition: A Poughkeepsie group dedicated to peace and social justice.

All For Justice: Speaker's forum that is part of St. Margaret's Church.

MidHudson Verified Voting: Don't let some computer code steal your vote.


EnviroLink: The online environmental community.

Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network: The Valley's environmental link.

NRDC site: Colorful links on environmental issues like Arctic drilling.



Instant Runoff Voting: The way it should be.

Center for Voting and Democracy: Information on electoral reform options and campaigns.

Project Vote Smart: Information on candidates and issues.

Billionaires for Bush or Gore : Buy your choice of candidates.


GMO Food Links:

True Food Now: Greenpeace consumer guide to avoiding genetically engineered foods.



Corporate Watch: Information on corporate secrets.

Acorn: Committed to organizing and winning power for low and moderate-income people.


General Information

Progressive Links to Free America: Lots of progressive websites.

Campus Activism: helping students build progressive movements.

Empire State Page: New York State News & Resources.

The Pen: send your message to those in Congress.



War Profiteers: making money by making war.


Green Party:

New York State Green Party

NYS Greens Assembly

Green Party Black Caucus

Green Party of the United States

Green Party USA

Green Parties World Wide

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