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the search for david





Eighteen-year-old David Schwimmer's death at sea eventually received wide national attention through the reportage of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and CBS's Sunday Morning.

But the major story turned out to be David's pre-life and after-life.  His father eventually received extraordinary information about David's death, life plan, and spiritual identity from highly gifted and accurate psychics--like Irene Hughes and Noreen Renier--and from David himself, communicating with his father through the psychics.

The Search For David is a ritual journey through the soul of man, seeking out the dimensions of man's nature and the reasons for his existence.  The journey leads to the exploration of premonition, pre-existence of the soul, survival after death, spirit communication, reincarnation, astrology, synchronicity, clairvoyance, mediumship, and more.  This is a spiritual detective story without equal.

The quest of David's father turns into a search for his own true self, in the course of which David helps his father to learn the lesson of unconditional love.  The Search For David is the universal search of everyone, whether adult or teenager, to discover where we came from, why we are here, where we will go when we die, and who we really are.



Los Angeles    

To lose a child is every parent's worst fear.  As your child grows older and begins to venture out into the world without you, there is always the lingering anxiety and that thought whispering in your head, "Please, be safe."

For George Schwimmer, his nightmare began with a telephone call at mid- night.  His son, David, 18, had gone to Baja California on a kayaking trip with Outward Bound, which has programs designed to teach survival skills.  During David's final exercise in a storm off the coast, his kayak capsized.  Presumably, he was killed instantly, along with his partner and one other person from the trip.  David's body was never found.

The Search for David is a first-person account of a father's attempts to uncover the details of his son's death and discern just who David had been in life.  In a search for final closure, the author began a journey of discovery into his son which ultimately led him also into himself.  With the help of reputable psychics, David's journals, David's friends, and self-exploration, Schwimmer was able to say goodbye to David and change his own life's path.

This is a powerful book that conveys the deep emotions and pain that the author experienced.  For Schwimmer the "not-knowing" was at times harder than losing his  beloved son.  He had no concrete way to say goodbye and had so many unanswered questions. Through his search, he came to realize that the parent-child connection and love transcend even death.    

Life as we know it is only a small inkling of our soul's being.  The Search for David gives us a beautiful account of coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.  It is not only an aid for anyone enduring the grieving process, but an inspiration to us all.   --Jennifer Eyraud  http://www.wholelifemagazine.com                    



A potentially heartbreaking yet triumphant story of a man who loses his son in a  kayaking accident.  It chronicles his search for finding clues to locate the boy's body and to make spiritual contact with him....

Discover along with him, challenge as he challenges, on his quest to these questions: Is there life after death? and could there truly be preexistence of the soul?


The Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies

Probably most APRT members are familiar with the understanding that our lives here on Earth are gifts in learning--that Earth is our classroom.  Most of our lessons are uniquely difficult for each of us, but perhaps one of the most difficult of all lessons to comprehend and resolve is that of a parent losing a child.

In The Search for David, George Schwimmer takes the reader through his experience of this tragic loss.  But if losing a child is one of life's greatest tragedies, then trying to understand and resolve such a loss can bring the gift of finding one's own soul in the process.  And this can be one of life's greatest triumphs.  This is the process and the subsequent gift that George so beautifully writes about in his book: his own personal journey into growth, change, understanding, and the ultimate acceptance of life's purpose, of death--in a word, self-acceptance.

In 1978, George's 18-year-old son, David, was lost at sea off the east coast of Baja California during an Outward Bound kayaking course.  Hoping that David was still alive, and unwilling to accept only the scattered pieces of information given to him surrounding his son's disappearance, George began a search that perhaps only found resolution with the com- pletion of his book.  His search for his son took him through years of exploration, grieving, understanding, and change.  It ultimately involved his own spiritual growth, his discovery of his own true self.  With his son's help, he was able to grasp the lesson of unconditional love.

George experiences the entire range of grieving: the anger surrounding the reality of dealing with a system that is often geared toward self-protection, the feelings of isolation and loneliness of living in a world that often only understands its own pain, of the struggle in trying to find meaning to life through the memory of one's child, and the myriad other pressures that can sometimes shatter one's present existence.  And as sometimes transpires with individuals who are strong in determination--for those who have learned how to survive adversity--George's path may have been the long path.  This, however, adds a unique richness to his writing.

The book shines with personal reve- lations and deep insights.  George has given the reader a glimpse into the deepest recesses of his pain and struggles, and he does so with descriptions that can be visualized and felt.  He is able to describe from the inner, personal level, as well as the objective, impersonal perspective, so that a complete picture of his search evolves.  His outer search for under- standing is no greater than his inner search, and he has integrated both in       his writing.

In a fluid, well-written style, he takes his life and his son's through the present and past, through an inner and outer search, through subjective and objective perspectives, through facts uncovered, and through his own developing inner wisdom.  He has woven his search for David together with his search for his own true self.

Certainly this book can provide understanding, hope and support to those people who have had to search for meaning and peace following the loss of a child.  It can also provide hope to those who are searching for meaning, purpose and understanding in their own pain, and process of life and growth.

In this book the author individualizes the process of human growth. The Search For David gives the reader the rare opportunity of experiencing the personal process of one individual's evolvement at its most profound levels.  George beautifully discloses how deeply personal, sometimes painful, yet ultimately rewarding humankind's spiritual evolution can be.                                 -- Carole Clark

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DAVID: leaves from the journal of a soul

I was very touched by David's inner struggle and his attempts to deal with his truth.  His journals have a tremendous amount of power. This is profound work.   --   Ram Dass, Author, Grist for the Mill

All I can say is WOW!  This work has impacted me on so many levels and is still fused in my consciousness.   --   Marcia Rose Emery, Ph.D., Writer

I have sat with your beautiful manu- script for a long time.  David's life is a hologram for what existence is all about.  I like the manuscript very much.  I like David enormously!  I am sure that this beautiful manuscript will be published.  The life of one sensitive human being magnifies life for all of us, much like the Diary of Anne Frank did.   --   Jean K. Sowers, Editor

I am absolutely spellbound by your son's journal. I cannot put it down. His spirit comes through so strong as I read it. Truly a wise and compassionate soul. Thank you.  --  Sherrie D.

I have read your son's material, and I was impressed by it.  I find it fascinating and moving.  It obviously has a strong spiritual import.  David was indeed a special person.  I feel the book deserves to be published.   --   Kenneth Skidmore, Editor

This book is very powerful and very important.   --   Bonnie R. Crown, Agent

David's is a deeply moving story.  I was impressed with the youthful vitality of both the child and the young man.  David has gained another friend.   --   Leslie Meredith, Editor

You really evoke a picture of David that would make anyone want to know him.  I feel confident that this book will be published and will be successful.   --   Gina Cerminara, Author, Many Mansions

the search for david

It's 4 a.m.--just finished your book.  So much swirling in my consciousness.  I am touched, dazed, thrilled, excited, encouraged, reflective.  What can I say but 'thank you' to you and David.   --   Leslie M (Tennessee)

Your book was quite an inspiration--my son died in 1995.   --   Tricia S (Georgia)

I have just read your book, which has touched me very deeply.  Your words were very confirming of what I know in my heart and follow in my life.  Blessings on your journey.   --   Marie W (New Zealand)

I very much enjoyed your book.  I found it interesting, informative, intriguing, and inspirational.  David certainly was a special and rare individual--I don't know if I have ever encountered anyone of any age with such spiritual maturity.  Thank you for writing the book.   --   Michael T (Hawaii)

The book impacted me tremendously.  Thank you for sharing your gift.   --   Kirk C (California)

Congratulations!  It's a fascinating read.  You really want to keep reading   --the test of any book.  David was obviously an extraordinary person, in life and beyond.  Your book is your great gift to him.   --   Susan Varga, Author, Heddy And Me (Australia)

An intensely personal and touching spiritual journey that inspires us to look anew at our relationships through the loving eyes of a spiritual seer.   --   Alan Vaughan, Author, Incredible Coincidences

...a beautifully, sensitively, and lovingly written book--I will now re-   read it.  Many blessings.   --   Robin A (Nevada)

Your book belongs on the New York Times best seller list.   --   Stan C (California)

I couldn't wait to write to you.  You see, I too lost a son.  I know I'm supposed to let you know how you helped another soul!  Me!  Thank you!  Your book was just what I needed.   --   Fran I (New York)

The book is beautifully written, and the story is very moving.   --   J.E., Editor (New York)

I have just finished reading your wonderful book and wish to thank you for having the courage to share your personal story with others.   --   Carolyn S (New Zealand)

I read the entire book in one day!  I was captivated!   --   Tim N (Ohio)


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