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George Schwimmer was an agnostic for the first twenty-eight years of his life. During this time he did not believe in God and considered the universe to be an irrational and frightening arena of chaos. This all changed when he read Thomas Sugrue’s biography of Edgar Cayce, There Is A River. Immediately grasping the implications and possibilities inherent in incarnation, spiritual life paths, life after death and reincarnation, his entire view of life, the universe, spirituality and God dramatically changed, forever altering his life. For the next fifty years, he read hundreds of books about Cayce and various metaphysical subjects, and it was this spiritual knowledge and understanding that later was the saving grace when his younger son, David, was lost at sea.


Thirty-five years ago he obtained extensive training in Past-Life Therapy from leading U.S. practitioners of the international Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy (APRT) and became the first person certified in Past-Life Therapy by APRT. He later was elected to APRT 's board of directors for four years (serving as secretary and then a vice-president) and was APRT's newsletter editor for three years. Since 1982 he has helped individuals to remember their past lives and receive guidance, employing a process he calls Transformational Guidance, which utilizes a variety of techniques, including past-life regression, visualization healing, guidance from each person's Higher Self, past-life rescripting, and spirit releasement therapy.


He is a Usui Reiki Master healer and over the years studied other metaphysical subjects such as chakra healing. He was trained in the use of the inner senses and higher consciousness by Patricia Hayes at The Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship, which resulted in his doing spiritual past-life readings for five years, and obtained instruction in the utilization of altered states of consciousness at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, for which he was an outreach trainer.


Over the past seven years, he has trained in the Peruvian shamanism of the Q'ero Indians with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society, and practices these shamanic techniques (see www.LaikaShaman.net)


He has given lectures, seminars, and workshops on Past-Life Therapy and Transformational Guidance at coventions of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the California Association for Counseling and Development, the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, The Brain and Mind Symposium, and New Zealand's New Spirit Festival 2000. He has held past-life recall workshops for the general public and has conducted professional training workshops in past-life therapy. He currently offers the Peruvian Q'ero shamans' sacred Munay-Ki rites, without charge and trains others to be shamans.


Dr. Schwimmer eventually realized that the purpose of his metaphysical trainings and experience was to gather first-hand information to write and speak to those who were ready to learn about these states and processes, so that they would understand that they really are spirits inhabiting human bodies and that everyone can do these things. He has consequently written numerous metaphysical articles, and his first book, The Search For David, an account of his spiritual journey after the death of his son, David, was published and received raves from readers and reviewers. He published his second book, Adventures In Consciousness, which was followed by his son David's writings, DAVID: leaves from the journal of a soul, edited by Dr. Schwimmer.  In the past two years, he has written a play, THE RELUCTANT PROPHET, a screenplay, RIP THE SHADOWS, and  has published twenty eBooks on Amazon.com




Certificate (Film & Television) - UCLA Extension

Ph.D. (Theatre) - Columbia Pacific University

Advanced graduate studies (Theatre) - Tulane University

M.F.A. (Theatre Directing/Acting) - Carnegie Institute of Technology

Certificate (Television Production) - New York University

B.A. (Literature/Philosophy) - Washington & Jefferson College


Reiki Healing - Reiki Master Virginia Samdahl

Chakra Healing – Devorah

Visualization techniques – Various teachers, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship

Psychic Reading and other techniques – Patricia Hayes and staff, Arthur Ford International Academy

Past-Life Therapy - Training Staff, Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy, including Dr. Ronald Wong Jue, Dr. Hazel Denning, and Dr. Dree K. Miller

Spirit Releasement Therapy – Dr. William. Baldwin, APRT   

HemiSync Altered States of Consciousness – Robert Monroe and staff, The Monroe Institute

Peruvian Shamanism - Dr. Alberto Villoldo and staff, The Four Winds Society