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Greg Sethness
Greg Sethness, Professional Engineer (P.E. 37419) - Hablo Espanol

Sethness Engineering Services was opened in 1979 to serve San Antonio and south central Texas, providing structural, surface water drainage and foundation engineering, evaluations and inspections for homeowners and businesses.

Greg Sethness graduated from Cornell University in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.
Greg began his career as an Engineering Officer aboard ship with the US Navy in 1968, serving in the Pacific and Viet Nam.  After being discharged honorably from the Navy in 1970, Greg got married in California.  Greg and his wife then moved to his home town, San Antonio, Texas, to start their family. 
Greg was employed by MBC Consulting Engineers in 1970 where he helped design subdivision streets, lots and drainage.  From 1971-1973 Greg worked at Southwest Research Institute in a Multi-disciplinary Highway Safety study for the Federal Government.  From 1973-1979 Greg worked for Trinity Testing Laboratories in San Antonio, which later became PSI.  At PSI Greg managed the Department of Soil Investigation and Design, and the Department of Construction Materials Testing and Inspecting.  Greg was licensed to practice Engineering in the State of Texas in 1974.  In 1979 Greg opened the offices of Sethness Engineering Services in San Antonio, Texas. 

Sethness Engineering Services
335 Arcadia Place   San Antonio, Texas 78209
Phone/Fax: (210) 822-4160

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Structural, Drainage and Foundation Engineers since 1979 -  Evaluations and Construction Inspections