Coaster Kart Extreme Racing  is not a novelty race or a clown type activity. These are real competitors in engineless karts that can easily obtain over 60 mph or higher. The courses are steep sometimes extremly curvy mountain roads. Sierra Ultimate Coaster Kart Extreme Races Is a seasonal 6 race series whose primary purpose is to reconize the ultimate kart & driver. In addition we are dedicated to bringing national attention to coaster kart gravity racing Many of us have dreamed of becoming a race car driver, wanting to feel the excitement that competitive racing can offer, but have never had the chance to pursue that dream due to the risk and the cost involved in pursuing a career in professional motor sports. Now there is an opportunity for just about anyone to experience that excitement. Becoming a part of this world of racing is both affordable and nuts-and-bolts simple. Build a car, buy some basic safety equipment, and come and race!