Welcome to my Website - My name is James Fox, The Mojave Hermit - I served in the "TIN CAN" NAVY with Admiral "Bull" Halsey's 7th fleet in the South Pacific. I hoboed, raced motorcycles, owned two taverns, and two aero-space machine shops. I retired in 1992 after many years of manufacturing management and a separate career in industrial engineering.
My retirement castle is located in the Mojave Desert with a beautiful view of the San Gabriel Mountains. A room full of computers, 2 lady cats, and a lotta lizards make my Paradise complete.

My website is extensive, so I broke it into 6 units.

    Infomation services for writers and my collection of novels and short stories I authored. You can also find some of my short stories published on the website Readers and Writers Blog http://www.readersandwritersblog.com, which also carries the works of other authors.
    A website I created and maintain as a public service for the communities of Phelan, Wrightwood and Pinon Hills, California.
    Where I currently write my columns on politics and education
    Why and how I built it and how much it cost.
  5. EMERGENCY SHELTER PROJECT This past year's history of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters caused me to start building a shelter that would be safe, practical and economical.
  6. Going Green & Keeping Busy Playing Golf
  7. The True Story About The Tragic Fate Of Our Water Supply
    And How We Could Survive

In 2006 when my Daughter came to live and take care of me in my old age. I didn't realize that I was old until she started being concerned about my health, reminding me to take my pills and fixing healthy meals. She wasn't used to the desert soltitude and blissful silence, so I suggested she start her own business on the internet.

A business that would keep her busy traveling to promote her website. She turned out to be a helluva saleslady. Soon I became so busy programming and updating www.autobestbuysweekly.com

The site started growing like a weed and was getting over 47,000 hits & over 1,400 visitor a month. She was commuting to Las Vegas to service about 45 customers. When the price of gasoline became ridiculous, I suggested that she phase out Vegas and concentrate on the High Desert Communities.

Now, as we are entering 2009, she has 74 local customers and asked me to get her a second domain (website address), so she could start providing affordable advertising to all small businesses that could not afford print media advertising. She said in this economic disaster, businesses had to advertise to survive. So www.seeUsave.com has arrived to provide affordable advertising from A to Z.

Go visit her you might save some money.

Information For Our Military
Ref. Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940

Phelan, CA hermit4@earthlink.net

In the hustle and bustle of jumping into action against terrorism around the globe, thousands of lives were interrupted and families were torn apart when the reservists were recalled to active duty.

We all know it was a necessary action, but we all don't know what to do about the health and welfare of those left behind. There are mortgage payments or rent to pay, credit card payments to be taken care of and continued life-support to provide to the families.

For those who are unaware of the protections they are entitled to, I am reprinting the information that may lighten the burden: Note: I have edited to remove some history of the act's origination to save space.

You may not know it by its formal title. Indeed, it's quite possible you don't know it exists at all. But if you are a service member on active duty, you are under its umbrella of protection from the day you take the oath to the day you leave military service.

It is one of the most comprehensive and enduring packages of protection Congress has ever enacted on service members' behalf.
If you have a credit card or a mortgage, you have the potential to benefit from the Act. If you're ever involved in any type of civil litigation, you will find the Act's umbrella of protection extends to that as well.

Check out the above for details. Its well worth reading.....

P.S. I'd like to make a comment on the Illegal Immigrants issue here in California. I'm sorta puzzled about who really are the illegal Immigrants?

When the War with Mexico was over in 1848 the surrender treaty was called "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo." this treaty was ratified by both nations and became International Law.

Article 8 of the treaty states that any and all of the Mexican citizens who were living in California or in Mexico at the time of surrender & were property owners would retain title and ownership of that property and ownership would pass down to their heirs in perpetuity.

Any blood relatives of the original owners are legally, by international law to lay claim to their property.

How many of the heirs exist? The only way to know is to research the archives in Mexico City for the names of the families holding land grants in 1848. I believe there are hundreds of decendents. The reason why I believe this resides in "in 1834 the mission lands were seized and secularized by the Mexican government. This period between the1830s and 1840s can be labeled the golden age of ranching in California because the opening of the mission lands resulted in Mexican officials awarding huge grants of mission lands to favored individuals.

So in conclusion I believe that We renters here in California should change our attitudes and try to be fair to our landlords.


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