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We find homes for dogs in TN, GA, NC, SC, AL, and FL. We work with GSP rescue nation-wide to rehome dogs in need.  Each state has a volunteer coordinator and rescues are placed locally. 
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Welcome to the SE GSP rescue site. My name is Beth Cochran, and I am affiliated with the national GSP club's rescue program as the SE coordinator for GSP rescue. We try to place dogs locally or within the region(TN,GA, SC, NC, AL,FL). If you are interested in adopting a GSP please email me and I will send you some
  Please follow the links to other rescue sites,
especially the national site, to find adoption information
and applications.
 We place dogs as indoor pets in homes with fenced yards.
All rescue dogs are spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm
preventative. Though some of these dogs may hunt, we do not place them primarily as hunting dogs.

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Rescue dogs have almost always been in a foster home and have had some basic training. We evaluate these dogs to help you choose a lifetime companion and find the dogs their "forever homes".

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Though some GSPs are "cat sharp", meaning they have too much prey drive to get along with cats, some rescuers have cats and find that many GSPs can be companions to cats if the cats are used to dogs.

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GSPs are large, active dogs who make great companions for active families. They love to be with you, doing whatever you are doing and then coming home to curl up with you after an active day.



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German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America


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GSPs come in several patterns.
Liver and white, patched and ticked.

Solid liver

Liver roan

Patched and lightly ticked