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Imaje Italian Greyhounds
Imaje Italian Greyhounds
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Our Italian greyhounds are beloved family members first and show dogs second. We are dedicated to the improvement of this fabulous breed.

Our wonderful, naughty Ivonna. What more can be said about the "red queen"? I can't thank Yvonne Morgan of Laguna Italian Greyhounds enough for allowing her to share our lives. A top 20 IG in 2000 and #10 in 2001 as well as a Westminster AOM winner - all owner/handled. This picture was taken by one of the AKC photographers when we were at the Garden. We had just come in out of the 17 degree weather!!!!!! Very tough on us spoiled California girls.

CH Laguna Imaje Trump Card
CERF IG-926; Hips OFA IT-55G38F-PI; Patellas IT-PAG3/38/F/P-PI; Thyroid IT-TH24/39F-PI

Heather finished at 14 months from the Bred By Exhibitor Class. She is Ivonna's first champion and sired by CH Celtic Sierravue Autumn Haze. Thanks so much to Kim Brinker for allowing us to use Haze - this combination was dynamite! Heather has her mother's dominant (read sometimes bratty<g>) personality and is second in command in our household.

New CH Imaje's Batteries Not Included
CERF IG-1085

This is a pretty old picture of Marnie our first IG and official "couch holder downer". She is pictured with our youngest daughter. Marnie is now approaching 15 years and while she never completed her AKC champion title, she produced our first homebred champion and is champion of our hearts. She still enjoys chasing squirrels and letting us know when we are late with her dinner.

Cada's Imaje des Gran Marnier, CGC
CERF IG-151; OFA Hips IT-15E87F

"The Borg" a really wonderful dog to live with - and one who taught me that you really need to like a good swift kick in the gut every now and then if you want to be a breeder. He finished his championship at 9 months of age and won several BOBs as well as an Int'l Best in Show and 2 Int'l Best Bred By Exhibitor in Shows. He sired one litter that proved disastrous and I removed him from the gene pool. He himself has Color Dilute Alopecia and has tested equivocal twice on his vWD tests (values of 59 and 52 respectively). He has the uncanny ability to detect seizures and let us know when one of our dogs was about to seize (a son of Borg's with a brain tumor). Lovingly known around our house as the "Italian Crested" or "Mini-Me".

CH Imaje's U Will B Assimilated
CERF IG-301; OFA Hips IT-23E32M

"K" was a welcome addition to our breeding program from Barb and Tim Gates (two really neat and fun people). K finished her championship and went on to become a Group placer as well. She was the dam of the litter that taught us, "Just when you think #@#% stops raining from the sky, someone backs up a dump truck and unloads on you."

CH Tapestry's Blu Lite Special
CERF IG-231; OFA Hips IT-14G44F

From our very first litter of Italian greyhounds, our first homebred champion! We named this litter after planets and their moons (that rocket scientist mentality coming back to haunt us). Unfortunately, we lost Tethys to lymphoma - but she lives on in our hearts and is greatly missed.

CH Imaje's Saturn Tethys
CERF IG-232; OFA HIps IT-16E69F