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We are active in Italian Greyhound rescue. Here are some of the dogs that made "pit stops" at our house on the way to their forever homes. While doing rescue opens your eyes to some of the worst in humanity - you also have the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and we have made many life long friends through rescue.

Sparky's story is heartbreaking and a lesson in why you should never let your IG off lead in an unfenced area.

Sparky was being walked off lead and was hit by a car. He had a compound fracture of his pelvis. Unable to pay for the surgery that Sparky desperately needed his owner took him back to his apartment after the vet sutured his open wounds. Poor Sparky made so much noise due to the pain he was in from the fracture that neighbors complained (the owner was not allowed to have pets). Sparky was finally turned into rescue and had surgery to put a plate in his pelvis. After a few months of recuperating with us - Sparky found a wonderful home. This picture was taken shortly after Sparky's surgery.

Sparky - Following Surgery

Sparky in his New Home

Please don't buy a dog on impulse. Do your homework, make sure that you can keep a dog where you live and that the breed you are interested in fits your lifestyle.

Mario & Jennifer

Mario was found on a freeway offramp Thanksgiving weekend and picked up by a good samaritan. He was turned over to rescue, neutered and fattened up. He found a wonderful friend in Jennifer who was recovering from a bone marrow transplant they are just made for each other! Lesson here: Make sure your dogs have some kind of permanent ID in case the unthinkable happens.


Ama - short for Amazon (left) and what appeared to be her brother Huey - for Baby Huey (below) were pulled from a local animal shelter. Ama's eyes were blue while Huey had one blue eye and one a light brown - very interesting in an IG. Both went to wonderful, loving homes.