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So, You Want to Buy an IG?
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So, You Want to Buy an IG?
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Please, please, please..... before you buy - RESEARCH the breed of dog you are interested in.

Research is NOT:

Just doing a search on the internet - Many puppymills/commercial breeders have slick web sites and just regurgitate the breed standard or plagiarize Lilian Barber's book.

Taking a breed compatibility survey.

Talking to one person on the street with one dog.

Reading a book about all dog breeds that has ONE paragraph on IGs, written by someone who has never owned one.

Research IS:

Buying and reading the "IG Bible", Italian Greyhounds 21st. Century by Lilian Barber.

Buying and reading the Italian Greyhound Nuts and Bolts by Patricia Kelly

Going to dog shows and talking to breeders. Always wise to do this when they are done showing. Some of us are more nervous than others - but you didn't hear it from me<g>.

Visiting a number of breeders in their homes and getting a real feel for what living with them is like (the dogs not the breeders - though if that floats your boat....). Keep in mind there are good and bad show breeders just like with anything else. You need to be comfortable with the conditions in which your future dog is raised. And you need to be comfortable with the breeder, for this is the person who will be guiding you and answering questions. Are you willing to have the breeder as part of your life for next 15 years? DO NOT buy a dog because you feel you must rescue it from its current conditions That will only increase the likelihood that breeding will continue, because the breeder is making money and you will have a dog with serious issues on your hands that you may not be able to handle. Rescue gets many dogs this way, that we must rehabilitate before they can go to new homes.

Research the health issues in IGs and make sure that the parents have been screened and that you have seen the test results or certifications.

Make sure the breeder talks to you about the importance of dental care (what Italian greyhounds don't need in coat care, they need in dental care), how to trim nails (they grow faster than bamboo shoots), HOUSETRAINING (a huge stumbling block for many IG owners), keeping the IG on a leash when not in a securely fenced area. An Italian greyhound not on a leash in a securely fenced area is destined as a "Lunch Special" on the menu at the Road Kill Cafe.

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