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Fun Pics


Would you do this to your dog???? Well, obviously I would and did <VBG>. Heather was a HUGE hit the weekend of the Eukanuba shows in Long Beach. She attracted the lenses of some very astute cameramen (including the Associate Press).


The Borg - Working at the premier of the movie "Good Boy". Our goal: To educate people about Italian greyhounds and make sure that they select a breed that fits their lifestyle. Borg is sporting his "Velvet Jones" Pimp Daddy outfit.


Ivonna and I working the Good Boy premier. Ivonna did a fabulous job of working the crowd and showing everyone how much attention she loves to receive - we didn't name her Ivonna for nothing. She loves fine clothes, fine jewelry and all the attention she can get - We thank her for allowing us to share her planet.


Here's Jeannie (Amore IGs) and Tracy educating the little ones about Italian greyhounds. There were a number of responsible breeders (many who also help with rescue) representing the breeds from the movie - Great Job Everyone!


This is Drummer in his Outback jacket at the premier with his friend Kid.


As you can tell - I am the world's worst photographer. This is a picture of Kevin Nealon from the premier. He had visited with us at our booth - but rather than asking him to take his picture - I wanted to try out my paparazzi skills, which obviously need a lot of work <g>.


This is Marnie's couch, Marnie's blankets, Marnie's pillow and Marnie's family room. Since she's put up with us for nearly 15 years, we figured she deserved the most comfortable spot in the house.


Raisin prefers the comfort of my daughters' bedroom.