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Imaje Italian Greyhounds

What's new?? What's exciting?? Well hey, since we both work for NASA, there's always something brewing in our household. The kids are doing GREAT in school (let's say, that with encouragement they're doing great in school). And, we just imported a new Italian greyhound from Australia! His name is Wondoan War Drums and his picture is on the right.

Since we work for NASA you are probably wondering what our backgrounds are. Well, if we told you that, we'd have to kill you and that wouldn't be much fun for you now would it?

We are rocket scientists who show dogs, how bizarre is that?? About our family - My father was a transvestite and my mother was a prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet! (Just kidding - or am I?) Currently we are not taking care of any infirmed family members or homeless people which means that we now have one full hour to relax in a 24 hour period.

Welcome to our webpage!! Please note that our warped sense of humor is genetic in nature and therefore not under our control.


JPL (where we work)


Calif. IG Rescue

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