Louisiana's Roll of Honor Cold War losses

Here are the names of Louisiana military members who died in Cold War period between the end of World War II through the collapse of the former Soviet Union, excluding the Vietnam War, the Korean War and War on Terror losses.

Lists are based on archival, public and private lists that in some case vary in terms of numbers of soldiers, names, dates of loss and other details. Ranks and grades may vary among sources as many soldiers were promoted posthumously. Updates and corrections emailed to John Andrew Prime at jprime@gannett.com or japrime@earthlink.net will be incorporated into listings as appropriate. Information in this site is public and may not be sold or copyrighted by any third parties. If information from this site is used in other settings credit in the form of a citation to the URL http://www.home.earthlink.net/~japrime/soldiers.htm or to the appropriate sub-page is requested.

U.S. Navy CT1 James Mahlon Lupton, 25, of Keithville, Caddo Parish, died June 8, 1967, when the intelligence-gathering ship USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli jets and guboats off the coast of Egypt at the start of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War. His body is interred in a mass grave at Arlington National Cemetery, and there is a memorial for him at Forest Park Cemetery on St. Vincent Avenue in Shreveport. Visit his memorial page at the USS Liberty Web site.