Shreve Memorial Library Genealogy


New library location: 1212 Captain Shreve Drive, Shreveport, LA 71105

(Located just east of the "Duck Pond" off East Kings Highway.)

Genealogy Department


Assorted Census Material
United States Federal Census Schedules, Remaining 1890 Schedules.  (7

Non-population Schedules for Louisiana, 1850-1880. (1 reel)

State Census Population Schedules
	1855 Alabama  (1 reel)
	1866 Alabama  (10 reels)
	1885 Florida  (13 reels)

1890 Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of
the Civil War 	Louisiana  (2 reels)
	Texas  (1 reel)

Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans -- Civil War
	Louisiana  (2 reels)
	Mississippi  (1 reel)
	North Carolina  (1 reel)
	South Carolina  (1 reel)
	Texas  (4 reels)

Census Enumeration District Descriptions
	1900  (10 reels)
	1910  (14 reels)
	1920  (21 reels)

Georgia Mortality Schedules
	1850  (1 reel)
	1860  (1 reel)
	1870  (1 reel)
	1880  (3 reels)

Kentucky Mortality Schedules
	1860 (2 reels)
	1870 (1 reel)
	1880 (5 reels)

Louisiana Mortality Schedules
	1850 (1 reel)
	1860 (2 reels)
	1870 (1 reel)
	1880 (2 reels)

Tennessee Mortality Schedules
	1850 (1 reel)
	1860 (1 reel)
	1880 (1 reel)

Schedules of a Special Census of the Indians, 1880.  (5 reels)

Washington County, Ohio Census
	1800 and 1803  (1 reel)
	1810  (1 reel)

Cemetery Records
Greenwood Cemetery Records:  Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana,
1896-1922.  (5 reels)

Oakland Cemetery Records.  (2 reels)

Church Records
Immaculate Conception Church of Natchitoches, Louisiana - Baptismal
Entries dating from 1724-1872.  (2 reels)

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church Minutes.  Gibsland, Louisiana, 1835-1864.  (1

Nativity Parish Catholic Records.  (3 reels)

Records of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Florida, 1576-1803.  (11 reels)

Registers de la paroisse de St. Gabiel de la Louisiana, Rochette, Sieur de
la Papers.  Volumes 1 and 2, Public Archives of Canada.  (1 reel)

Old Church Records.  (1 reel)

St. Marks Cathedral.  (1 reel):
	Vesty Records beginning in 1851.
	Early Birth, Death, Marriage, and Communicent Records.
	Woman's Aid Society Minutes 1900-1920's.
	Marriage Records 1935-1949.

New Orleans, Louisiana:  Personal Collection of Mr. Charles E. Ammen.  (1

Newton Crain Blanchard:  Scrapbooks, 1892-1906.  (1 reel)

Diary of William Brown - kept on Confederate Officers taken prisoner and
held at Jackson's Island, Lake Erie.  Tells individual name, rank, where
captured, town and state of residence.  (1 reel)

William Goforth Coleman Genealogy.  (1 reel)

Genealogical Collections by Ross K. Cook.  (1 reel)

DeMagny Family History.  (1 reel)

Twenty-three letters of applications and recommendations of Alexander
Derbes, 1600-1900.  (1 reel)

Dragau (Drague) Family:  includes History of Claiborne Parish by Harris and
Hulse, and Hedgepeth Family Bible.  (1 reel)

Ellett, Jefferies, Lloyd and Carpenter Family Histories, 1613-1943.  (1

Index to Descendants of Frederick Gry of South Carolina.  (3 reels)

Fiches Acadiennes and Genealogies acadiennes of the Hache family.  (1 reel)

Leon S. Hollingsworth genealogical card file.  (3 reels)

Diary belonging to the Lancaster Family.  (1 reel)

John Ardis Manry Genealogical Papers.  (3 reels)

Mr. W.M. Redditt, Jr. Family Records. (1 reel)

Diary of Mary Elizabeth Rivers:  1865-1899.  DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.  (1

The Shelby Ancestry by Cass K. Shelby, 1693-1956.  (1 reel)

Dimtry Family Genealogy.  (1 reel)

Fullertons, Fullartons, and Fullingtons.  (1 reel)

Athens, Clariborne Parish, Report Cards.  (1 reel)

Family Records & History.  (3 reels)

Indian Records
1835 Census Roll of the Cherokee Indians East of the Mississippi, and index
to the roll.  (1 reel)

Choctaw Rolls 1832-1833.  (1 reel)

1831 Armstrong Roll of Choctaws.  (1 reel)

1885 Indian Census Union (Choctaw Indians only).  (1 reel)

1896 Choctaw Indian Index and Census.  (1 reel)

1893 Choctaw Payment Roll.  (2 reels)

1830 List of people who remained in Mississippi.  (1 reel)

Index to the five civilized tribes in the Indian Territory.  (1 reel)

Letter received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880:
	Caddo Agency 1824-1842.  (1 reel)
	Red River Agency 1824-1830.  (1 reel)
            Texas Agency 1847-1859.  (2 reels)

Muster Rolls 1832:  Registers of emigrant Choctaw Indians.  (1 reel)

Muster Rolls 1833:  (Armstrong's) List of Choctaw reserves.  (1 reel)

Records of Choctaw Nation - Indian Territory.  (1 reel)

Records of the creek Trading House, 1795-1816.  (1 reel)

Letterbook of the Natchitoches - Sulphur Fork Factory.  (1 reel)

Military Records
Amnesty Papers, 1865-1867.  (55 reels)

Complied records showing service of military units in Confederate
organizations - Texas Units, 1st Cavalry-12th Cavalry.  (1 reel)

Complied service records of the Confederate soldiers who served in
organizations from Arkansas.  (5 reels)

Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Widows Pension Applications for the
State of Mississippi.  (1 reel)

Index to compiled service records:  Alabama Units - Creek War.  (2 reels)

Index to compiled service records:  Alabama Units - Florida War. (1 reel)

Index to compiled service records of volunteer sliders in the War of 1812
from North Carolina.  (2 reels)
Index to Mexican War Pension Files, 1887-1926.  (14 reels)

Louisiana Soldiers in the Florida War.  (1 reel)

Paroled Prisoners Rolls:  First Arkansas Mounted Rifles.  (1 reel)

Selected Records from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant
Application Files, A-Z.  (898 reels)

Records of Claim Commissioners  (Southern Claims Commission)  1871-1880: 
Consolidated Index of Claims.  (1 reel)

Revolutionary Pension Applications.  (1 reel)

Collective records of the General LeRoy Stafford Camp of Confederate
Sliders, and United Daughters of the Confederacy.  (2 reels)

Records of the Department of State Related to World War I and its
Termination, 1914-1929.  (1 reel)

Records Relating to the War of 1812 Prisoners of War.  (1 reel)

War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrants, 1815-1858.  (13 reels)

Index to Compiled Confederate Records.  (535 reels)

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navy:
	Series I.  (27 reels)
	Series II.  (2 reels)

War of 1837-38 (Florida) - Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer
Soldiers in Organizations from State of Louisiana.  (1 reel)

Florida war (1836) - Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer
Soldiers in Organizations from State of Louisiana.  (1 reel)

War of 1812 Index - Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers in
Organizations from the State of Louisiana.  (3 reels)

Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies, 1861-65.  (1 reel)

Louisiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Membership
Application Files.  (14 reels)

Pension Records of the War of 1812.  (7 reels)
Board of Pension Commissioners Confederate Pension.  (152 reels)

Official Records of the Rebellion, (War of the Rebellion Records).  (128

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers:
	Arkansas:  (5 reels)
	Georgia:  (1 reel)
	Kentucky:  (30 reels)
	Louisiana:  (4 reels)
	Maryland:  (13 reels)
	New Jersey:  (26 reels)
	North Carolina:  (25 reels)
	Tennessee:  (16 reels)
	Texas:  (3 reels)
	Virginia:  (1 reel)

Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers:
	Mississippi:  (4 reels)
	Texas:  (10 reels)

Confederate States Army Casualties:  List and Narrative Reports.  (7 reels)

1890 Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans & Widows of Union Veterans of the
Civil War:
	Louisiana:  (3 reels)
	Mississippi:  (1 reel)
	North Carolina:  (1 reel)
	South Carolina:  (1 reel)
	Texas:  (4 reels)

Naturalization Records
Index to Certificates of Naturalization Issued in the State of Louisiana,
1831-1906.  (8 reels)

Passenger Lists
Index to Passenger Lists of vessels arriving at Baltimore, 1833-1866.  (1

Index to Passenger Lists of vessels arriving at New York, 1820-1846.  (3

Passengers List of vessels arriving at New York, 1820-1897.  (3 reels)

Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels
Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana 1813-1849.  (2 reels)

State Records
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas.  (1 reel)
Pike County.  (1 reel)

Court Minutes of Hempstead, AK.  (1 reel)

General index to marriage records, Thomas County, 1826-1957.  (3 reels)

Thomas County, Georgia Court of Ordinary, General Index to Wills, Bonds,
Returns, etc., 1826-1938.  (1 reel)

Kaskaskia Manuscripts, English Summaries, 1708-1816.  (3 reels)

Kentucky Birth, Marriage, and Death Records, 1852-1910.  (10 reels)

Caddo Parish Police Jury Minutes, 1840-1926.  (4 reels)

Claiborne Assessment Rolls, 1873-1916.  (16 reels)

Despatches of the Spanish Governors of Louisiana, 1766-1803.  (10 reels)

Louisiana Cattle Brand Book.  (1 reel)

Louisiana State Land Office - Solider's Proofs and Warrants, 1884-1896.  (6

Louisiana State University-Shreveport, Archival Records - Miscellaneous. 
(3 reels)

Register of the State Land Office of Louisiana, Survey Notes.  (9 reels)

Sanborne Fire Insurance Maps.  (15 reels)

Voter Registrations, 1898 and 1913.  (8 reels)

Shreveport City Directories.  (11 reels)

Oil &Gas Lease Affidavits.  (2 reels)

Mississippi Marriage Records, prior to 1926.  (90 reels)

Personal Tax Rolls, 1802-1893.  (22 reels)

Mississippi Tract Book, Simpson County.  (3 reels)
Pike County, Mississippi Biographical Sketches, 1798-1876.  (1 reel)

Mississippi Death Certificate.  (3 reels)

New England Marriage Records Prior to 1700.  (7 reels)

New Englanders in Nova Scotia.  (1 reel)

Essex County, New Jersey, Court House Deeds, 1831-1834.  (6 reels)

American Deaths and Marriages, 1784-1829.  (2 reels)

Johnston County Records of Estates, 1781-1795.  (1 reel)

Onslow County Record of Wills. 1765-1907.  (1 reel)

Person County, North Carolina, Will, Inventories, and Taxables, 1792-1801. 
(1 reel)

1910 Census Enumeration District Descriptions.  (1 reel)

Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New
England.  (3 reels)

Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Register of Mesne Conveyance,
1785-1919.  (1 reel)

Spartanburg County, Minutes of the County Court, 1790-1791. (1 reel)

Spartanburg County 1785-1799, 1868-1919, Spartanburg District 1800-1867
Direct Index to Conveyance Books.  (1 reel)

McNairy County, Tennessee, Deed Books, 1823-1845, Marriages, 1861-1869.  (1

Smith County, Tennessee, Court Minutes, 1853-1865.  (1 reel)

List of North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791.  (1 reel)

Bowie County Records, Tombstone Inscriptions, Family Bible Records, and
Family Histories.  (2 reels)

County Marriages.  (2 reels)

History of Freemasonry in San Augustine, TX.  (1 reel)

Translations of statistical & census reports.  (3 reels)

Index of Death Records.  (7 reels)

Despatches from United States Consuls in Marseilles, 1790-1906.  (1 reel)

Amherst County, Virginia, Will Books, 1786-1827.  (2 reels)

Virginia County Court Records on Microfilm in the Virginia State Library,
Archives Branch.  (1 

Virginia State Archives.  (1 reel)

The American Genealogist.  (4 reels)

DAR Magazine.  (28 reels)

Family Tree, 1979-1989.  (1 reel)

Harrison Flag.  (1 reel)

Keatchie College Register.  (1 reel)

Louisiana Municipal Review.  (7 reels)

Louisiana Historical Quarterly Index.  (1 reel)

Southern Genealogist's Exchange Quarterly.  (2 reels)

New England Historical & Genealogist Register.  (24 reels)

New Orleans Christian Advocate.  (21 reels)

Assumption Pioneer.  (1 reel)

Shreveport Magazine.  (2 reels)
The Daily Jimplecute.  (1 reel)

Shreveport Chamber of Commerce.  (1 reel)

Texas Republican Newspaper.  (3 reels)

Virginia Magazine of History & Biography.  (2 reels)

Athens Weekly Review.  (19 reels)

Osborne Funeral Home Records.  (6 reels)

DAR Ancestor Files.  (1 reel)

Records of Appointment of Postmaster.  (3 reels)

Shreveport Times Obituary Index.  (1 reel)

Tax Records:
Assessment Rolls:
	Beauregard: (1 reel)
	Bienville:  (15 reels)
	Bossier:  (19 reels)
	Caddo:  (568 reels)
	Desoto:  (20 reels)
	Lincoln:  (15 reels)
	Lassalle:  (1 reel)
	Natchitoches: (85 reels)
	Webster:  (17 reels)

For more information, contact Faedra M. Wills, genealogy librarian, Shreve Memorial Library.