The Way We Were : 1947


The Club 15 radio show is now on Mon-Fri on 7 : 30 on the CBS network, and features Bob Crosby, Margaret Whiting, The Modernaires, and the orchestra of Jerry Gray. Eddie Cantor's summer replacement show will be Blue Ribbon Time and will feature Georgia Gibbs and the orchestra of David Rose. The old maestro, Paul Whiteman hosts his own record program on the ABC net Mon-Fri at 3 : 30 pm. Recordings on the way up the charts are "Stella By Starlight" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia) and "After Graduation Day" by Sammy Kaye on RCA Victor. Saxie Dowell has cut the number of his band down to six. The number one song on Your Hit Parade radio show is "I Wonder I Wonder I Wonder". On stage at the NY Strand is Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra with Ziggy Talent, Beryl Davis, and Frank Fontaine. At the Apollo Theater in Harlem, the show features Sy Oliver and his band, Pearl Bailey, and Cozy Cole. The flip side of Perry Como's hit of "Chi Baba Chi Baba" is a tune that was featured in the Al Jolson Story-"When You Were Sweet Sixteen".

The record release best bets for early July are : "Stranger Things Have Happened" / "Je Vous Aime" (from the film Casablanca) by Dick Haymes with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra (Decca) . . . . . "Just Plain Love" / "If It's True" by Johnny Desmond and The Page Cavenaugh Trio (RCA Victor) . . . . . ."I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" / "Tonight Is Just A Memory" by Perry Como with Helen Caroll and The satisfiers ((RCA Victor) . . . . "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" / "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie" by Bing Crosby and Lionel Hampton (Decca) . . . . . . . "Tallahassie" / "Go West Young Man" (from Copacabana) by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and his Orchestra (Decca) . . . . . . "A Fine Thing" / "Oh My Aching Head" by Les Brown (Columbia) . . . . . "Jack You're Dead" by Louis Jordan (Decca).

A poll of the most played songs on the radio for the prior year yields these results : (1) - The Anniversary Song (2) - Zip-Ah-Dee-Doo-Dah (3) - For Sentimental Reasons. The songs that have the longest stay on the list are Blue Skies and The Girl That I Marry, each for 34 weeks. Vic Damone will begin a new radio show sponsored by Pet Milk each saturday night on the CBS network. Mel Torme broadcasts for Toni shampoo, and Hildegard hosts The Raleigh Room on transcription each week.

The best selling records for July 1947 are as follows : (25) - "As Long As I'm Dreaming" by Tex Beneke (RCA Victor) and Harry James (Columbia) (24) - "Old Devil Moon" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol) and Charlie Spivak (RCA Victor) (23) - "Time After Time" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia) and Tommy Dorsey (RCA Victor) (22) - "I Believe" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia) and Louis Armstrong (RCA Victor) (21) - "That's When I Come In" by Perry Como (RCA Victor) and Jo Stafford (Capitol) (20) - "After Graduation Day" by Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor) (19) - "When I Write My Song" by Herb Jeffries (Exclusive) (18) - "Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) (17) - "My Heart Is A Hobo" by Tex Beneke (RCA Victor) and Ray Noble (Columbia) (16) - "Stella By Starlight" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia) and Dick Haymes (Decca) (15) - "Same Old Dream" by Tommy Dorsey (RCA Victor) (14) - "Tallahassie" by Bing Crosby (Decca) and Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers (Capitol) (13) - "Midnight Masquerade" by Eddie Howard (Majestic) and Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor) (12) - "Ivy" by Jo Stafford (Capitol) and Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) (11) - "Temptation" by Red Ingle (Capitol) (10) - "Feudin' and Fightin'" by Dorothy Shay (Columbia) (9) - "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" by Perry Como (RCA Victor) (8) - "A Sunday Kind Of Love" by Jo Stafford (Capitol) and Claude Thornhill with voc by Fran Warren (Columbia) (7) - "That's My Desire" by Frankie Laine (Mercury) and Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor) (6) - "Mam'selle" by Art Lund (MGM) and Dick Haymes (Decca) (5) - "Red Stockings And Green Perfume" by Ray McKinley (Majestic) and Tony Pastor (Columbia) (4) - "Across The Alley From The Alamo" by The Mills Brothers (Decca) and Woody Herman (Columbia) (3) - "I Wonder I Wonder I Wonder" by Martha Tilton (Capitol) and Tony Pastor (Columbia) (2) - "Chi Baba" by Perry Como (RCA Victor) and Blue Barron (MGM) (1) - "Peg 'O My Heart" by The Harmonicats (Vitacoustics) and The Three Suns (RCA Victor). (The Harmonicats version is the biggest selling record ever for an independent label (over one and a half million).

Some up and coming recordings for the month : "My Bill" / "September Song" by Marie Green and The Merrymen with Dave Mann & his Orchestra (Signature) . . . . . ."There's That Lonely Feeling Again" voc by Marjorie Hughes / "Lazy Mood" voc by Gregg Lawrence-Frankie Carle & his Orchestra . . . . . ."Feudin' and Fussin' " voc by Tex Beneke / "How Can I Say I Love You?" voc by Gary Stevens-The Moonlight Serenaders and the Tex Beneke Orchestra . . . . ."Sweet Marie" / "The Turntable Song" by Jack Smith & The Clark Sisters with the Earl Sheldon Orchestra (Capitol).

Ginny Sims is signed as a featured vocalist on the Percy Faith Sunday Night show for the CBS network . . . . The Eddy Duchin Show with Lisa Kirk is now heard Mon-Wed-Fri afternoons on ABC . . . . . .Shep Fields plans to revive his band for dates at the Glen Island Casino in New Rochelle. . . . . At the Apollo Theater is Buddy Johnson & his Orchestra with Ella Johnson and Arthur Prysock . . . .The Billboard magazine's 9th annual College Poll has these results : Favorite Bands - 1) Stan Kenton 2) Tex Beneke 3) Tommy Dorsey 4) Vaughn Monroe 5) Elliot Lawrence 6) Duke Ellington 7) Les Brown 8) Eddy Howard 9) Harry James 10) Claude Thornhill. In the Most Promising category : 1) Elliot Lawrence 2) Eddy Howard 3) Ray McKinley 4) Boyd Raeburn 5) Claude Thornhill.

Some best Bets for the month : "Tea For Two" / "My Romance" by Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore (Columbia) [proceeds for this recording are to be donated to the Damon Runyan Memorial Fund] . . . . "Feudin' And Fightin'" / "Ballin' The Jack" by Georgia Gibbs (Majestic) . . . . . ."Aint 'Cha Ever Comin' Back" / "I Have But One Heart" by Frank Sinatra and The Pied Pipers with Axel Stordahl & his Orchestra . . . ."Ballerina" voc by Bob Carroll / "Lazy Mood" voc by Dee Parker-Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra (MGM) . . . . ."Tomorrow" by Charlie Spivak (RCA).

In mid July the top rated radio shows according to the Hooper Rating System were : 1) Walter Winchell 2) Crime Doctor 3) Take It Or Leave It 4) Mr. District Attorney 5) Screen Guild Players 6) The Life Of Riley 7) Can You Top This? 8) Doctor I.Q. 9) Fred Waring 10) Phillip Marlowe 11) Truth Or Consequences 12) Colonel Stoopnagel 13) Your Hit Parade 14) Inner Sanctum 15) Bob Hope.

New Recordings : "All Of Me" / "Every So Often" by Martha Tilton with Ernie Felice & his Orchestra (Capitol) . . . . ."All Of Me" / "I Kiss Your Hand Madam" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA) . . . . . "That's What" / "Naughty Angeline" by Nat Cole (Capitol) . . . . ."The Echo Said No" voc by Rosalind Patton / "As Years Go By" voc by Jack Hunter-Elliot Lawrence & his Orchestra (Columbia) . . . . . "My Future Just Passes" / "You Do" [from the picture "Mother Wore Tights"] by Margaret Whiting with Frank DeVol & his Orchestra (Capitol) . . . . . "When Summer Is Gone" voc by Gary Stevens / "Without Music" voc by The Moonlight Serenaders-Tex Beneke & his Orchestra (RCA) . . . . ."On The Old Spanish Trail" / "New Years Eve" by Harry Babbit with The Kollege Kids and Kay Kyser & his Orchestra (Columbia) . . . . ."Don't Tell Me" [from the picture "The Hucksters"] / "You're Not So Easy To Forget" by Tony Martin with Victor Young & his Orchestra (RCA) . . . . ."Naughty Angeline" / "New Years Eve" by Art Lund with Johnny Thompson & his Orchestra (MGM) . . . . "A Fine Thing" / "Stop Throwing Rocks At The Devil" by Charlie Spivak (RCA) . . . . ."Bloop Bleep" by Danny Kaye (Decca) . . . . ."Je Vous Aime" by Andy Russell (Capitol) . . . . ."The Lady From 29 Palms" by Freddy Martin (RCA) . . . . "Come To The Mardi Gras" by Dick Jurgens (Columbia) and The Three Suns (RCA).

Frank Sinatra signs a new five year recording contract with Columbia Records. . . . . A new act is getting rave reviews-nineteen year old Jackie Cain at the Hotel Sherman in Chicago. . . . . . Martha Tilton moves to the Majestic Records label for two years . . . . . Some best bets : "A Penguin At The Waldorf" / "Glow Worm" by Frankie Carle (Columbia) . . . . "Mother" / "You're Breaking In A New Heart" by Beryl Davis (RCA) . . . . ."Naughty Angeline" / "Wish I Didn't Love You So" by Dick Haymes (Decca)

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