The Way We Were : August 1947

The radio show Your Hit Parade featuring Frank Sinatra holds its audience minimum age to eighteen years to try and reduce the interuptions and chaos generated by Sinatra's younger fans. The news is, of course, not well received by the teenagers affected. . . . . .Frankie Laine is voted the most promising new singer in a poll of radio disc jockeys around the country.

Records to watch for are : "Cecilia" by Dick Jurgens (Columbia) and The Three Suns (RCA) . . . . . ."I'm So Right Tonight" by Jo Stafford (Capitol) . . . . "As Long As I'm Dreaming" by Tex Beneke (RCA) and Harry james (Columbia) . . . . ."Feudin' and Fussin'" / "Love And The Weather" by Jo Stafford and Paul Weston (Capitol) . . . . ."The Turntable Song" by Don Cornell, Laura Lesley, and The Kaydets with Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra (RCA) . . . . ."As Years Go By" (from the picture "Song Of Love") / "Secrets" by Russ Case & His Orchestra (RCA) . . . . "Lolita Lopez" by Freddie Martin (RCA) and The Dinning Sisters (Capitol) . . . . ."There's That Lonely Feeling Again" by Hal McIntyre (MGM), Connee Boswell (Apollo), Louis Prima (Majestic), and Charlie Spivak (RCA) . . . . . "Darktown Struuter's ball" by Charlie Barnett (Apollo) . . . . . "Love Will Keep Us Young" (based on Brahm's Waltz in Ab - from the picture "Song Of Love") by Carmen Cavallaro (Decca) and Wayne King (RCA).

For a different perspective on popular music of the time, these were the top sellers od sheet music in Great Britain : 1) "Souveniers" 2) "A Gal In Calico" 3) "Mam'selle" 4) "People Will say We're In Love" 5) "I've Got The Sun In The Morning".

The following records are moving up in sales in the U.S. - "On The Old Spanish Trail" by Eddy Howard (Majestic) . . . . . "Old Devil Moon" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol) and Gene Krupa (Columbia) . . . . ."An Apple Blossom Wedding" by Buddy Clark ()Columbia) and Sammy Kaye (RCA) . . . . . "Pancho Hernandez" by Woody herman (Columbia) . . . ."On The Avenue" by The Andrews Sisters (Decca)

Best bets among the new recordings out this month : ""Oh You Beautiful Doll" voc by Gene Williams / "Early Autumn" voc by Fran Warren with Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra . . . . ."I Kiss Your Hand Madam" (from the picture "The Emperor's Waltz") / "They're Mine" by Buddy Clark with Mitchell Ayers (Columbia) . . . ."Sugar Blues" / "Why Should I Cry Over You" by Johnny Marcer and The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston & His Orchestra (Capitol) . . . . ."That's What Every Girl Should Know" voc by Laura Lesley / "Serenade Of The Bells" voc by Don Cornell and The Kaydets with Sammy Kaye (RCA) . . . . ."South" / "I'm Drowning In Your Deep Blue Eyes" voc by Bob Bailey with Count Basie (RCA) . . . . ."You Do" / "Kokomo Indiana" (from the picture "Mother Wore Tights") by Dinah Shore (Columbia) . . . . ."Near You" by Francis Craig with voc by Bob Lamm (Bullet), The Andrews Sisters (Decca), Larry Green (RCA) and Victor Lombardo (Majestic).

Sammy Kaye set to record his long time theme song for the first time for RCA Victor . . . . .It is reported that income from juke box plays is dropping due to the installation of television sets in bars and taverns . . . . . The usually staid and proper Perry Como was involved in an incident in Chicago. While appearing at a theater in that city, Como was hit in the head by an object thrown from the audience. Como immediately ordered the house lights turned on and dared the the tosser to identify himself. There were no takers, and so the show resumed. However in the middle of the next song, Como stopped the show and walked off the stage. . . . . .A new radio show entitled "The Pause That Refreshes" will begin on Sunday evening for the CBS network. It will star the Percy Faith Orchestra and singer Ginny Sims. . . . . Beryl Davis will join the cast of the Vaughn Monroe radio program.

Records to watch in mid-August : "Hurry On Down" by Nellie Lutcher (Capitol) . . . ."I Want To Be Loved" by Benny Goodman (Capitol) and Beryl Davis (RCA). . . . . .Frank Dailey of the Meadowbrook took an informal poll of teenagers and found that they repond to vocalists rather than the bands that are on stage. . . . . Les Brown is signed to lead the band on the new Bob Hope radio show. . . . . "Jack the Bellboy" influential radio d.j. on WJBK in Detroit gives the results of his annual poll . Bands - 1) Tex Beneke 2) Stan Kenton 3) Harry James. Male vocalist - 1) Frank Sinatra 2) Perry Como 3) Andy Russell. Female vocalist - 1) Margaret Whiting 2) Peggy Lee 3) Jo Stafford and Dinah Shore. Combo - 1) Nat Cole 2) Harmonicats. . . . . David Rose is signed to become bandleader on the Red Skelton radio show . . . . At the Strand in NY - Count basie with Jimmy Rushing and Pearl Bailey

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