Some Top Ten Best Sellers From 1946

(Ones That You Might Have Forgotten About)

You Won't be Satisfied - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (Decca)

Miserlou - Jan August (Diamond)

The Mad Boogie - Count Basie (Columbia)

Blue Skies - Count Basie voc-Jimmy Rushing (Columbia)

Hey Baba Re Bop - Tex Beneke (RCA Victor)

I Know - Tex Beneke (RCA Victor)

Passe' - Tex Beneke voc- Lillian Lane (RCA Victor)

A Gal In Calico - Tex Beneke voc-The Crew Chiefs (RCA Victor)

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow - Connee Boswell w/Russ Morgan (Decca)

You Won't Be Satisfied - Les Brown voc-Doris Day (Columbia)

Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief - Les Brown voc-Butch Stone (Columbia)

The Whole World Is Singing My Song - Les Brown voc-Doris Day (Columbia)

Rumors Are Flying - Billy Butterfield voc-Pat O'Connor (Capitol)

One More Tomorrow - Frankie Carle (Columbia)

It's All Over Now - Frankie Carle voc-Marjorie Hughes (Columbia)

Ole Buttermilk Sky - Helen Carroll w/ Russ Case & The satisfiers (RCA Victor)

You Call It Madness - Nat Cole (Capitol)

The Old Lamplighter - Hal Derwin w/ Frank DeVol (Capitol)

Just The Other Day - Sam Donahue voc-Mynell Allen (Capitol)

Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It - Sam Donahue voc-Bill Lockwood (Capitol)

On-Zy To-Zy - Phil Harris (ARA)

Surrender - Woody Herman (Columbia)

The Gypsy - Hildegarde w/Guy Lombardo (Decca)

Chickery Chick - Evelyn Knight w/3 Jesters & Bob Haggart (Decca)

Who Do You Love I Hope - Elliot Lawrence (Columbia)

Laughing On The Outside - Merry Macs (Decca)

Sioux City Sue - Tony Pastor (Cosmo)

In The Moon Mist - Pied Pipers (Capitol)

Cement Mixer - Alvino Rey (Capitol)

Pretending - Andy Russell (Capitol)

House Of Blue Lights - Freddie Slack voc-Ella Mae Morse (Capitol)

Oh What It Seemed To Be - Charlie Spivak voc-Jimmy Saunders (RCA Victor)

Five Minutes More - Three Suns (Majestic)

Laughing On The Outside - Teddy Walters w/Lou Bring (ARA)

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