Pop's One Hit Wonders of 1955

Eddie Barclay - The Bandit (Tico)

Lillian Briggs - I Want You To Be My Baby (Epic) [Trombone playing truck driver !]

Kit Carson - Band Of Gold (Capitol) [real name - Liza Morrow]

The Cheers - Black Denim Trousers (Capitol) [with actor Bert Convy]

Cowboy Church Sunday School - Open Up Your Heart (Decca)

Lenny Dee - Plantation Boogie (Decca) [piano instrumental]

Ferko String Band - Alabama Jubilee (Media)

Barry Gordon - Nuttin' For Christmas (MGM)

Peggy King - Make Yourself Comfortable (Columbia)

Laurie Sisters - Dixie Danny (Mercury)

Bonnie Lou - Daddy-O (King)

Johnny Maddox - The Crazy Otto (Dot) [piano instrumental]

Gisele McKenzie - Hard To Get (X)

Marion Marlowe - The Man In The Raincoat (Cadence)

Chuck Miller - House Of Blue Lights (Mercury)

Georgie Shaw - No Arms Can Ever Hold You (Decca)

Singing Dogs - Oh Susannah (RCA) [just what you think it is !]

Cliffie Stone - The Popcorn Song (Capitol)

Joe Ward - Nuttin' For Christmas (King) [there's that song again]

Priscilla Wright - The Man In The Raincoat (Unique)

Ricky Zahnd - Nuttin' For Christmas (Columbia) [this tune is really a kiss of death !]

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