One Hit Wonders - part five compiled by JCMarion

All these recordings were on the best sellers charts during 1946-1955

Say Goodnight To The Guy, Irene - Ziggy Talent (RCA)

Love Me Again - Pat Terry (Jubilee)

Johnson Rag - Jack Teter Trio (London)

I'd Never Forgive Myself - Jo Ann Tolley (MGM)

Caribbean - Mitchell Torok (Abbott)

Chain Lightening - Judy Tremaine (Coral)

I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover - Uptown String Band (Mercury)

She Was Five And He Was Ten - Judy Valentine (Epic)

You Call Everybody Darlin' - Ann Vincent (Mercury)

If I had My Life To Live Over - Larry Vincent & The Feilden Foursome (20th Century)

Little Miss One - Jerry Wallace (Allied)

Dear Mr. Godfrey - Ruth Wallis (Monarch) - concerning the celebtated on air firing of Julius LaRosa

Laughing On The Outside - Teddy Walters w/ Lou Bring Orchestra (ARA)

Who Put The Dream In Your Eye - Mark Warnow Orch. voc by Lorry Raine (Coast)

A Little Bird Told Me - Paula Watson (Supreme)

Zsa Zsa - Bernie Wayne (Coral)

Blue Piano - Vince Wayne (Triple A)

God Bless Us All - Bruce Weill w/Don Costa & His Orch. (Barbour)

The Happy Wanderer(Val-de-ri Val-de-ra) - Frank Weir (London)

All Right Louie, Drop The Gun - Wesson Brothers (National)

Wheel Of Fortune - Sunny Gayle w/ Eddie Wilcox & His Orch. (Derby)

My Adobe Hacienda - Bill Williams (RCA)

Rag Mop - Johnny Lee Wills (Bullet)

Cold Cold Heart - Eileen Wilson (Decca)

Carolina In The Morning - Danny Winchell (MGM)

Bibbidi-Bobbide-Boo - Ilene Woods (Bluebird)

If I Give My Heart To You - Wright Brothers (MGM)

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