Every Martial Art has its strengths and weaknesses. Since Nippon Kempo is a hybrid of many martial art styles, it becomes a challenge to execute those techniques in bogu.   
     Many would tend to agree that if a student learns to effectively execute a throwing technique in Judo then it becomes easier to practice and execute on various classmates. In Nippon Kempo, the student first learns Judo throws without the equipment to master proper technique and develop proper skill. Once the basic stages are completed and mastered the student then applies the same principles in bogu entering a new phase of adjustments. New ways and areas of hand placement are learned and used. Bare hands make things a lot easier than gloved ones when executing throws or joint locks.   
     Foam Sparring is a fast paced Martial Sport; the equipment is light and the competitors can achieve tremendous freedom in which techniques are utilized. Bogu equipment is heavy and restrictive and if you were once quick in foam then you soon discover some speed is missing in bogu. So many things can go wrong when using foam sparring techniques in Nippon Kempo because the rules have changed and the level of intensity has increased; sparring in bogu is much more realistic than foam sparring. It takes much time and training to build stamina and regain speed lost when wearing bogu.
      1. High flowing kicks in foam can be devastating to the opponent and usually wear the opponent out. It is not recommended in bogu for several reasons. A. The competitors wear steel framed headgear that could cause injury when a kick has poor technique. B. Bogu rules allow kicks to be caught and joint locks become probable, or worse the opponent will be taken to the ground. Bogu competitors enjoy opponents that kick to the face, for that's where ground combat begins.   
       2. Wrestling and Ju Jitsu techniques are challenging enough barehanded, now try in bogu and gloves. Using fingers to grab hold of opponent's GI is no longer viable in gloves. New ways and techniques are adapted to fit the situation.   
       Nippon Kempo is filled with situations where adapting to equipment restrictions and limitations are practiced in bogu. Nippon Kempo does not eliminate bare handed techniques, it only adds onto those techniques. Think of it as building on one's foundation.