Many Karate, Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do styles are well known for their kicking strengths and strong foot work in foam sparring. These techniques are also found in Nippon Kempo with many modifications.
     In bogu grabbing a kick, a punch or locking out a joint is legal. As the opponent wears down, slow kicks become a huge mistake. Relaxation and solid execution of technique is a must. Quick and powerful kicks are executed with solid technique and form. 

     Throwing a few stiff knees to the body or face are perfectly legal and are scored as points in bogu. You can't do that in many foam sparring divisions. Knee kicks in bogu are very effective, for when you least expect it, the opponent usually sneaks one in. "Headhunting" is a common practice in bogu. It's boxing at its best. Many boxing combinations are utilized in Nippon Kempo. For this reason the Nippon Kempo practitioner learns to develop head and body movements to avoid, deflect or counter many punching and kicking combinations. 
     All of these techniques are made possible because the equipment allows one to utilize powerful attacks. Sparring in bogu becomes a game of wits, knowledge, utilization and relaxation, all challenges in combat. Nippon Kempo concentrates on continuous, flowing attacks. It is fast paced and the action doesn't stop until a point, submission or no activity is registered by the Referees.