Safety is the number one priority above anything else in Nippon Kempo. One point of our creed states "I will avoid inflicting injury upon another person". Bogu sparring, as done in Nippon Kempo, poses a high possibility of injury due to the equipment and techniques utilized in this art.   
     The techniques utilized and applied in Nippon Kempo can be so dangerous and lethal to a classmate that constant training in execution of technique is necessary throughout the practitioners training levels. The understanding and application of technique are strictly taught and ingrained during training, and safety is enforced to the highest standards at Nippon Kempo tournaments.
     One may think safety is not always possible, on the contrary, it is a demanding necessity. If a training partner becomes injured then the class as a whole is short one sparring member that has a varying sparring skill. All trainees suffer the loss of training when an injury strikes a classmate.   
     Safety develops from understanding and realizing the effects that Nippon Kempo techniques have on a person physically and mentally. A trainee soon learns that it is not necessary to exert full strength in order to have an effective and valuable outcome. Preservation of strength is a very essential technique taught in Nippon Kempo.