1. How does one score in Nippon Kempo?

A point may be obtained by a strong punch or kick to the do or men. A point can also be obtained by a submission from the opponent due to a joint lock.

2. Warnings and Disqualifications

Attacks to the unprotected areas of the body.
Attacker stomping on an opponent's head while an
opponent is on ground. Lifting an opponent and
dropping him head first. Any kind of strike to a joint.

3. Length of Matches and Points needed to win

The bout is three minutes long. The first competitor to score two points is the winner of the bout.

4. Issues of Respect (Bowing)

Competitors must show respect (sonkyo no rei) and show good sportsmanship toward judges, referee and each other at all times.

5. Issues of Safety

A referee may award a point before a joint lock is fully executed/applied in order to avoid the danger of injury. A competitor who intentionally causes an injury will be disqualified and forfeit the match.