Nippon Kempo offers many benefits. All the enjoyment, enrichment, and challenges that other Martial Arts provide can be found in Nippon Kempo. A style like Nippon Kempo delivers quite an intense fitness and self-defense routine. It is Boxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Wrestling, Kempo and Karate rolled into one, with a slight twist called bogu. Nippon Kempo practitioners and trainees endure a never-ending battle of rigorous training and conditioning to survive this endeavor to gain self-discipline, respect, honor, and spirit. It takes great effort, unbending will and discipline to learn what Nippon Kempo is all about. The boundaries of discipline and hard work are constantly tested. It is geared toward people who want to enrich their training, their lifestyle, and spirituality. It is also for those persons who wish to develop confidence in their selves and ability for self preservation.   
     Nippon Kempo helps overcome and understand fear, build confidence and courage. The continuous drilling in techniques develops the practitioner's mobility, sharp timing, distancing and speed. One learns to gain insight to the significance of the unity of matter and spirit. As a Nippon Kempo Martial Artist one learns to make the Matter and Spirit work as one entity.   
     Nippon Kempo constantly pushes one's training levels from a Primitive form of development to a Sophisticated form and finally to achieve Formless execution of technique. Most Martial Arts and Sports help one achieve only a sophisticated level of training. Development of good technique, execution, and training of skills becomes a habit. Nippon Kempo teaches you not to rely on a technique, instead let your opponent's technique to work for you : "Be pliable like a spring" and "don't oppose force with force".     
     In everyday life, one's opponent doesn't always use the right attack for you to counter with a prearranged defensive technique. It is necessary to recognize the attack and then use it against itself. REALITY is that an attack on one's person isn't SCRIPTED like in the MOVIES.   
     Nippon Kempo teaches its practitioners and trainees to develop and condition one's own Discipline, Effort, Patience, Endurance, and Unbending Will. Develop concentration on the whole, not just on a part. Control your anger! In addition, utilize its strength through understanding. Anger is not practiced in Nippon Kempo. Anger doesn't help to execute flawless techniques, it only hinders a practitioner's training, becoming an advantage for your opponent. A cool, calm, level-headed, and rational approach is substituted for anger. Martial Arts of any system, style or form are difficult to learn and practice. It takes years to learn and achieve success. Now try to learn these techniques wearing bogu.