MASTER Jose Guerrero, GEDAN

bulletCHIEF INSTRUCTOR of all American
Nippon Kempo Instructors.
bulletCHIEF INSTRUCTOR of Nippon Kempo Self-Defense Techniques  for Women and children.
bulletCHIEF INSTRUCTOR, Nightingale Jr. High School Nippon Kempo Club.

CHAIRMAN of American Nippon Kempo Federation

bullet Over 41 years of teaching experience in Nippon Kempo. 
bulletStudent of Master Goki Kinuya, Gedan.
bulletRecognized as having trained the most Senseis and Black Belts (various dans) active in U.S. Nippon Kempo.

Sensei Do Mar, Sandan.   

bulletOver 26 years experience in
American Nippon Kempo. Experienced in Kali, Chin Na, and Wing Chun.
bulletExtensive Tournament experience,  International and Domestic. Competitor in All-Japan Tournament.
bulletChief Instructor, Dragon's Lair Dojo of Temple City and East Los Angeles College Dojo.
bulletInstructor, Self-Defense techniques for women and children.
bulletCharter Member of Nippon Kempo USA.
bulletPresident of the ANKF 1998-1999

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Sensei Jesse Espinoza, Nidan.

bulletChief Instructor, Tiger Dojo and D.A.R.E. + P.L.U.S. Nippon Kempo program, Woodland Hills, CA.
bulletFormer Instructor, Temple City Dojo.
bulletCurrently offering private lessons.
bulletOver 22 years experience in Nippon Kempo.
bulletExperienced in Judo and Jujitsu.
bulletBlack Belt rank in various martial arts systems.
bulletExtensive Tournament Experience.
bulletFormer amateur boxer, Lightweight and Super-Lightweight divisions.
bulletCharter Member of Nippon Kempo USA.
bulletPresident of the ANKF 1999-2000