Nippon Kempo is a unique Martial Art System based on techniques of striking and kicking (ATEMI-WAZA), blocking (UKE-WAZA), throwing (NAGE-WAZA), reverse joint locks (KANSETSU-GYAKUTORI WAZA) and ground combat (wrestling and submission holds), using BOGU. Unlike other Martial Art and Self Defense Systems, Styles and Disciplines, Nippon Kempo is not associated with common Martial Arts Dogma.  This unique system is based on scientific principles of human anatomy and physiology, allowing the Practitioner to experience a new level of realistic combat. 

     The Nippon Kempo practitioner fights and practices these techniques with protective gear(bogu). Kenpo is a FULL-FORCE ART and consequently a reality.  Kenpo makes this reality an immediately felt action using protective equipment called BOGU. BOGU enables the sparring participants to fully complete one's actions with full power and skill attained through intensive training, while employing great spiritual and physical strength. 
    Bogu consists of  MEN (headgear) and  DO (Chest protector), KUROBU (bogu or boxing gloves), and a MATA ATE (groin protector), Hand wraps (optional), a towel  or a head-dress and, in some organizations, shoes designed for Nippon Kempo.  Techniques of striking, kicking, throwing, reverse holds, joint locks, and ground combat are utilized while wearing bogu. Nippon Kempo uses techniques  that are present in other arts like Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Karate , Kempo, Kung Fu, and Wrestling.   However, many of these techniques are modified in the Kempo style to accommodate the bogu equipment.
        Most of the techniques employed in Nippon Kempo are based on the application of three body movements: circular, straight, and bending.  Kicks, strikes, thrusts, snaps, spinning, throws, twists, blocks, eluding, locking and pinning all originate from these body movements.