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Here is the information I've received from Sensei Luis Cobian regarding the American Nippon Kempo Association's upcoming International Friendship Tournament.

Event: American Nippon Kempo International Friendship Tournament

Date: June 28, 2008

Time: 10 AM

Entry Fee: $30.00 (All Members of Nippon Kempo USA Will Receive a $5.00 Discount.)

Spectator Fee: No Fee (donations are welcome but not mandatory).

Location: El Rancho High School, 6501 S. Passons Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660

1st Place Trophy for Black/Brown Belt Division is 3 feet tall, all competitors will receive a participation medal.

Additional information and updates will be posted on our forum. Please feel free to post your questions and comments there. The forum can be reached through the link on this site's main page, all are welcome and there is no fee for becoming a registered member of the forum.

Is there anyone in central Florida who teaches this style (Nippon Kempo)? any information would be appreciated.
Jose Amram
Altamonte Springs, FL

I am interested in finding classes for my seven year old son in Nippon Kempo and possibly for myself. We live in Northridge, CA . I was wondering if you teach in the San Fernando Valley area or know of instructors in the area that you can recommend. Thank you very much!

Cheryl Umali

Is There anyone in New Jersey offering Nippon Kempo instruction?


Hello, my name is Scott Dawson, I am researching my lineage and have reached a block. I cannot identify one of our kata. I study a Kempo system that was created by a man named Rapue. Are there any schools or instructors in Colorado or the Denver area? Or, is there any way to look at the Nippon Kempo katas?        

Hi, My name is Joe Shirley, I am a former student of a Sensei named Jesse Marquez. Jesse's dojo was located in Stephenville, TX; Jesse had trained under Master Guerrero. I would very much like to get in contact with Jesse Marquez, if anyone knows how or where I could contact him I would appreciate it if you would contact me.

My seven year old son has been a student of Nippon Kempo in Suita City in Osaka, where Nippon Kempo originated. We are living in San Fransisco, CA, USA for one year, and my son is eager to continue his study of Nippon Kempo while living in the Bay area. Can anyone tell me if there are any Nippon Kempo dojos in the Bay area?                                                         Tsuji Mutsuko

Good morning, my name is Greg Crozier, are there any affiliated clubs anywhere in Canada?

My name is Roberto Toquero, I am contacting you from Mexico City, I am interested in purchasing Nippon Kempo protective equipment and uniforms. Can you please recommend to me a supplier of bogu; men, do, gloves, kempogui, and kempo shoes? This is really urgent, I would appreciate any assistance anyone can give me in this matter. Sincerely, Roberto Toquero.





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