The origins of Nippon Kempo can be traced back to Nomi no Sukune and Taema no Kuehaya, legendary founders of Sumo Style Wrestling during the Yamato period in Japan.It was not until 1932 that MASTER Muneomi Sawayama founded Nippon Kempo in Japan. It is still practiced in Japan and other countries today. MASTER Sawayama was a student of Okinawan MASTER Kenwa Mabuni, founder of Shito Ryu, in early 1920's Japan. 

MASTER Sawayama studied various Martial Arts during his university days, however none of those seemed to promise that which he was looking for in a Martial Art. After much study, he felt convinced of the need to enlarge the scope of the Martial Arts beyond just KATA (Form) and he established his own school, now known as Nippon Kempo. The name Nippon Kempo does not denote a philosophy of combat (Literally translated from Japanese, it means "Japanese law of the fist").

MASTER Goki Kinuya, student of MASTER Sawayama, brought Nippon Kempo to the United States in 1960. Nippon Kempo has flourished in the U.S. ever since. It is still a unique and challenging sport and art form as in the early days.
     Though its origin traces back to India over 5,000 years ago, the art of Nippon Kempo has become widely known, especially in Japan, in the recent years. Nippon Kempo has gradually developed through the years and does so continually in its present day form. 

     Many thanks are owed to these two great MASTERS, for without their vision and dreams Nippon Kempo would not exist in the United States today.
     Nippon Kempo is practiced mainly in the Southwestern United States and is recognized INTERNATIONALLY by Nippon Kempo Kai in Osaka, Japan. Nippon Kempo USA competitors enter into the International Sparring Tournaments hosted by Osaka, Japan.     
     Many other Nippon Kempo orgaizations can be found in Europe, South America, South Africa, and North America. The Styles vary slightly to American Nippon Kempo, however, the bogu and tournament rules are the same for International competition.